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Interviews, Media Appearances, and Consultations with
Dr. Leon James

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Drive Time article on ROM Rage quotes Leon James on driving emotions. July 2000.

T.A. Magazine Transportation Alternatives  Covers traffic emotions topic by Leon James. Summer 2000.

Global Conference on Aggressive Driving. Sponsored by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation. Invited paper by Leon James published by drivers.com. 2000.

The Car Connection Article on Avoiding Aggressive Drivers features Leon James. February 7, 2000.

CNN.com Article on Leon James' advice to the Pennsylvania State Transportation Department regarding traffic signs. October 6, 2000.

Daily Newspaper Health Portal. Safety and Public Health. Health Scout News. Quotes Leon James on aggressive driving. July 2001.

International Risk Management Institute (IRMI). Article on commercial product recall patterns cites Leon James for his work on the phenomenon of semantic satiation. July 2001.

State of Florida, Bureau of Emergency Medical Services.  Crash 2000 R.A.D.A.R. Report (Recognize, Analyze, Decide, Act, Resume) credits Leon James for some of its statistical data source. July 2001.

Break Point Newsletter. (Volume 4, Issue 8). Loyola University Health system. Article on driving quotes Leon James regarding children and road rage conditioning. August 2001.

The Times Guardian, England. Editorial on Share the Road quotes Leon James on the history of the expression "road rage."  August 16, 2000.

Senate Research Office in Atlanta, Georgia  Consultation with  Eric Robinson on road rage and government agencies. September 10, 2001.

NexC, the Global Hospitality Network   Interview with Jeffrey Daroy on air rage and compassionate crowd management techniques.   September 12, 2001.

Fort Worth Star-Telegram Interview with Kelly Melhart for an article on aggressive driving and the "awareness gap." September 12, 2001.

Ravereviews. Web site for the movie Joy Ride 20th Century Fox. Road Rage book by Leon James listed as Movie tie-ins. 2001.

eTrucker Overdrive magazine   Interview with Jill Dunn, Associate Editor, on depression and drivingSeptember 19, 2001.

Arthritis Today magazine Interview for Christina DiMartino on the effects arthritis on driving. September 24, 2001.

Humber College, Toronto, Ontario, Canada Interview with Amanda Da Ponte on road rage and its causes. October 1, 2001. See questions and answers here.

Culturenotes  Interview with Allan Stein Content Manager, on the psychology of parking lot rage. October 8, 2001. See questions and answers here.

Semana news magazine in Bogota, Colombia.  Interview with Silvia Camargo on air rage. October 9, 2001. See details on Compassionate Crowd Management techniques.

Honolulu Police Department   Consultation with Sg. Robert Lung on the language of a proposed aggressive driving bill for Hawaii. October 15, 2001.

Great North Pacific Media Vancouver, BC  Consultation with Susan Smitten for a television documentary on parking rage and human territoriality.  October 23, 2001.

LMNO Cable Group Encinco, CA  Consultation with Keren Markuzem researcher for the Discovery Channel's Health Network, on the origins of the phrase "road rage."  October 23, 2001.

Road Safety and Motor Vehicle Regulation Transport Canada, Ergonomics Division. Consultation with Dr. Christina Rudin-Brown on SUV driver psychology research sources.  October 26, 2001.

King County, Washington Solid Waste Division Consultation with Jim Scarr , Safety Officer, on Tips for truck drivers: How to deal with anger by DrDriving, for their program presentation. October 27, 2001.

Psychology Today Introduces the University of Hawaii  traffic psychology site by Leon James. October 2001.

Sherwood Police Department,  Arkansas. Sergeant Scott McFarland uses DrDriving materials for road rage project.  October 29, 2001.

Discovery Channel Consultation with televion producer Lisa Roth, Segment Producer, LMNO Cable Group, Inc. on road rage. November 1, 2001.

Teen Web Online Interview with William Hallowell, President/Creator, on road rage advice for teenagers. November 6, 2001

 CBC Radio Vancouver, Canada Interview with Joan Webber on parking rage.  November 9, 2001.

Ryerson University, Toronto, Ontario. Provided statistics on Canadian-US comparisons in aggressive driving for Jason Curran writing about Road Rage on the Streets of Toronto. November 13, 2001.

Contra Costa Times Interview with John Simerman for an article on commuter psychology.  November 19, 2001.

American Psychological Association  Editorial reviewer for the Journal Emotion for a research article on drivers. November 20, 2001.

 Contra Costa Times  Article on congestion titled  "No. 1 and not cheering" reports interview on Leon James.  November 20, 2001.

Men's Health UK  Diane Nahl and Leon James respond to interview questions by Rob Kemp for an article on differences among men and women in aggressive driving and road rageNovember 22,  2001.

Prevention Books, Publishers of Prevention Magazine. Interview with Pat Dooley who is compiling a revised edition of   "Doctors' Book of Home Remedies.'' November 23, 2001.

Teen Web Online Interview with William Hallowell on the use of RoadRageous for mandatory assignment to problem drivers. November 29, 2001

 Wright Patterson AFB, OH RoadRageous Video Course used for anti-aggressive driving activities by Breck Lebegue, Col., USAF, MC, CFS Preventive and Forensic Psychiatry, and Aerospace Medicine   November 30,  2001

The Growl South Hills High School Covina, California  Consultation with Danielle Ledergerber, Editor-in-Chief , who is covering a story on road rage.   December 10, 2001

 The Newark, N.J. Star-Ledger Interview with Peter Genovese Feature writer  on how we drive, good/bad drivers. December 12, 2001

Write Now   Writer Christa Gala interview on road rage and aggressive driving. See our notes here. December 12, 2001.

LA Times Los Angeles, CA  Kathleen Kelleher interviews Leon James and Diane Nahl on Passengers Rights and the idea of "partnership driving." December 21, 2001

 Traffic Safety Magazine of the National Traffic Safety Council  Interview with Sherri Deatherage Green for an article on road rage and traffic congestion. December 28, 2001

 Peterson Air Force Base Colorado Springs, Colorado Home of: NORAD USSPACECOM HQAFSPC 21SW • HOST WING  Aggressive driving training materials based on DrDriving's Law Enforcement training workbook. December, 2001.

Reporter's Notebook, To The Point, on road rage. (K. Elham, producer). January 29, 2002.

North Carolina Parent   Interview with frelance writer Diane Morris on children and road rage. January 29, 2002.

Argosy University Doctor of Business Administration-Marketing  Joyce A. Hunter,  a retired 30 year veteran from Delta Air Lines, interviews Dr. Diane Nahl for her dissertation research on air rage February 1, 2002. See details on Compassionate Crowd Management techniques.

The New York Times Consultation with writer George Blumberg, researching an article on the driver training law enforcement officers receive. February 2, 2002

Harold Tribune   Southwest Florida  Interview with reporter Tim O'Hara on the psychology of road ragersFebruary 2, 2002

Montreal Gazette  Interview with Catherine Solyom for a story on road rage (Canada perspective). February 17, 2002.

Honolulu Star-Bulletin  Interview with Treena Shapiro on the new proposed speeding law in Hawaii February 18, 2002.

CBS News New York Interview with Dr. Emily Senay on aggressive driving. February 19, 2002.

Woman's World Magazine  Interview with Rosemarie Lennon for a road rage article. February 23, 2002.

The Seattle Times. Quotes Leon James in an article on traffic and drivers. 2002.

Pittsburgh Post Gazette Interview with Susan Seibel, Transportation columnist regarding teen driving and risk taking behavior. February 25, 2002.

Staten Island Advance newspaper. Interview with Frank Donnelly on the origins and psychology of aggressive driving. March 18, 2002.  

Seattle Times Interview with Tricia Duryee, Staff Reporter, for an article on the psychology of gawking. March 26, 2002.

Footnote Publishing and National Safety Council defensive driving instructor Donna Crossman, President. Consulting on peer pressure among teen drivers and graduated licensing. March 26, 2002.

Solo Motor Sport Guido Van Duyn reprints materials from DrDriving--see here. March 26, 2002.

Idealease Friday Safety Brief features Leon James on driving psychology. March 2002.

LifeTimes, a publication of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois and Texas. Consultation with Ken Masson on the relation between type of car and aggressiveness of drivers.  March 28, 2002.

Wisconsin Public Radio Diane Nahl and Leon James are guests on Dr. Minette Ponick's Mental Health Today program Wednesday, April 10  from 5-6pm CST.  The topic is road rage and aggressive driving. April 10, 2002.

Las Vegas Review Journal  Interview with Michael Squires on the causes of aggressive driving.  April 17,  2002.

The Maneater University of Missouri Columbia Student Newspaper Interview with Katlyn Waldo on road rage and bumper stickers. April 18, 2002.

Ventura County Star Interview with Charles Levin, County Government Reporter, regarding traffic expansion and control issues.  April 24, 2002.

First for Women magazine. Tara Bruno interviews Diane Nahl on the causes of road rage  May 6, 2002.

Las Vegas Review-Journal  Interview with Michael Squires Staff Writer on display signs and communication between drivers. May 9, 2002.

Seattle Times  Interview with Eli Sanders on the psychology of traffic intersections. May 13, 2002.

Washingtonian Magazine Interview with Brooke Foster on the driving psychology of gender differences. May 15, 2002.

Daily and Sunday Express newspaper Inteview with Susannah Stapleton on road etiquette. June 13, 2002.

Wall Street Journal based out of San Francisco.  Interview with Suein Hwang for her column on work life on the psychology of parking. June 19, 2002.

Newsday New York Interview with Bob Fresco on aggressive driving. June 25, 2002.

Midweek magazine Hawaii. Interview with Katie Young, Senior Staff Writer, for her column on aggressive drivers. July 1, 2002.

Star Telegram Ft. Worth, TX Interview with Jessie Milligan on the psychology of commutes. July 8, 2002.

Las Vegas Review-Journal  Interview with Michael Squires Staff Writer on the psychology of fast lanes. July 8, 2002.

United States Army Forces Command FORSCOM Selects the RoadRageous Video Course for the Army's Combat Aggressive Driving program.  July 8, 2002

Washington Post  Interview with Don Oldenburg on dashboard dining or eating and driving. July 9, 2002.

Real Estate Weekly  Quotes Leon James in an article on how to get a grip on aggressive driving. July 11, 2002.

David L. Ellis Agency, Inc., Camp Hill, Pennsylvania Debbi Mallek,  Marketing Coordinator for community transportation and trucking selects DrDriving's Road Rage Survey for their Newsletter.  August 1, 2002.

Scranton Times-Tribune, PA  Interview with Jonathan Foerster, County Government and Transportation Reporter, on driving psychology for professional truck drivers. August 7, 2002.

WebMD, providing services that help physicians, consumers, providers and health plans. Interview with Star Lawrance on driving skills and negative emotions. August 15, 2992.

Infography--Fields of Knowledge Publication Consultation on the top reference sources for driving psychology. August 27, 2002.

New York Times Interview with Debbie Gallant for her column on cars, driving, men, and women. September 3, 2002.

National Safety Council (2002) "Tame the rage within" The Threestep method. In Traffic Safety (September/October issue. p.16). September 2002.

Atlanta Journal Constitution Interview with Chris Quinn on driving psychology. October 11, 2002.

Erie Insurance Group Pttsburgh, PA In Sync Magazine Interview with Deborah Mendenhall on road rage and its cure. October 12, 2002.

ACAS MAAA MetLife Auto & Home Warwick, Rhode Island.  Consultation with James E. Monaghan on risk factors in driving psychology. October 16, 2002.

Car Busters Magazine  Interview with Richard Lane for an article on the psychological and social effects of car-driving such as those experienced by professional motorists. October 18, 2002.

Dallas Morning News  Interview with Debra Dennis for an article on police issuing letters to those reported for aggressive driving. October 22, 2002.

Philadelphia Inquirer  Interview with Jere Downs on the psychology of car pooling.  October  23,  2002.

Scranton Times-Tribune, PA  Interview with Jonathan Foerster on the influence of size on truck drivers. October 29, 2002.

Atlanta Journal Constitution Interview with Bill Montgomery on driving psychology. November 5, 2002.

APC Productions, Sacramento CA Consulted by Kendall Flint on managing drivers during road construction. November 13, 2002.

Ventura County Star  Interview with Leslie Parrilla on the history and psychology of aggressive driving. November 13, 2002.

Documentary Theatre about cars and the driving psyche. Interview with Ezra Cooper, producer. November 27, 2002. 

West Hawaii Today  Interview with Andrew Perala for a story on traffic waves and supportive driving. December 11,  December 18, 2002. 2002.

San Francisco Chronicle  Interview with Michael Taylor on the psychology of traffic waves and steel plates on bridges. December 2002.

Holistic Living  Article on Anger and Your Driving presents the anger scale created by Leon James. December 2002 -2004.

Berrien County Health Department, Michigan  Consulted by David DePeal regarding nicotine induced road rage. January 8, 2003.

Social Psychology.NET Social Psychology. Socialization and Agents of Socialization. Lists Leon James' article on The Social Psychology of Language Teaching. 2003.

Monday Magazine, Victoria BC  Interview with Andrew MacCloud on the psychology of driving and drinking. January 13, 2003.

Las Vegas Review Journal  Interview with Michael Squires on driving psychology and congestion.  January 30,  2003.

Salem News  Interview with Paul Leighton on traffic waves.  January 30,  2003.

Sirius Radio. Interview with Charlie Dyer, Associate Producer, The John McMullen Show, on aggressive driving. February 6, 2003.

WHVH Radio Chicago  Interview with Justin Roman for a documentary on road rage. February 5, 2003. To air March 10, 2003.

News 8 NBC Hawaii Honolulu  Interview with Sharon Ching on parking rage. February 10, 2003.

New York Times Interview with Abby Ellen on fear of driving. February 12, 2003.

Cosmopolitan Magazine Interview with Bene Cipolla on driving psychology and gender differences. February 21, 2003.

Philadelphia Daily News  Interview with columnist Carla Anderson writing on traffic gridlock and why drivers block intersections. February 26, 2003.

KJ Radio in Phoenix (National Public Radio affiliate). Interview with Steve Goldstein for a special feature on rubbernecking. February 28, 2003.

KPLS AM Radio Los Angeles Leon James and Diane Nahl are guest speakers on The Right Brothers talk show, special program on raod rage and aggressive driving.  March 3, 2003.

BBC Radio 4 World Service, Business Programmes. Interview for a radio series entitled AutoMotive produced by Peter Day and Neil Koenig. March 21, 2003. (see this article)

Chicago Tribune  Interview with Rick Popely for a story on construction and traffic psychology, especially lane merging in construction areas. March 21, 2003.

InSync Magazine  Interview with Deb Mendenhall on road rage and aggressive driving. March 26, 2003.

The Capital newspaper in Annapolis, MD. Interview with Eric Collins who is doing a story about rubbernecking. April 8, 2003.

Chenai Online. Article on accidents quotes Leon James. April 2004.

Erie Magazine Interview with Deb Mendenhall on how aggressive drivers treat passengers. April 9, 2003.

Denise DiFulco. New Jersey-based freelance writer for an article about how to calm down in the car. April 10, 2003.

News 8 KHNL NBC TV Hawaii. Interview with Lisa Kubota on traffic psychology. April 17, 2003.

Orlando Sentinel, Florida. Interview with reporter Amy Rippel, writing an article about Orlando's police department's new aggressive driving unit. April 19, 2003.

Newsday New York Interview with Bob Fresco on age and gender differences in driving. April 24 2003.

Ladies Home Journal  Interview with Lawrance Goodman for a story on aggressive driving (November issue). July 22, 2003.

Honolulu Weekly  Interview with Sidney Mackey on SUV driving psychology.  August 4, 2003.

USA Today  Consulted by Rick Hampson for a story on national speed attitudes and habits.  August 4, 2003.

Indianapolis Star Interview with John Murray on the psychology of road rage duels.  August 8, 2003.   

Chicago Tribune  Interview with Rick Popely on drivers' perceptions of each other on the road, especially aggressiveness. August 25, 2003.

Correio Braziliense (Brazilian newspaper) Interview with reporter Mariana Ceratti on driving and music. August 28, 2003.

The Linguist List Eastern Michigan University and Wayne State University. Lists the James (Jakobovits) and Miron edited book The Psychology of Language. September 6, 2003.

Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE), Hawaii Section. Invited talk on the intersection between traffic engineering and driving psychology. September 17, 2003.

Las Vegas Review Journal  Interview with Michael Squires on the psychology of frequent lane changing.  September 19,  2003.

First for Women magazine. Author Robin Rinaldi consults with Diane Nahl on driving styles and personality makeovers. September 19, 2003.

USA Today  Interview with Rick Hampson on the psychology of speeding. September 30, 2003.

Geico Direct Insurance Newsletter  Interview with freelance writer Nicole Achs Freeling in San Francisco on driving psychology and test inventories for measuring aggressive driving. October 1, 2003.

The Spokesman-Review in Spokane  Interview with Amy Cannata on why people speed up when you try to pass them. October 3, 2003.

Star-Telegram Fort Worth Texas. Interview with Bryon Okada on aggressive driving around funeral processions. October 9, 2003.

Ideal World Productions, Glasgow and London. Consulting with Emma Koubayssi, maker of films and documentaries for network channels such as the BBC. October 13, 2003.

Allstate Insurance  National media interviews by satellite hook up in Los Angeles (Hill & Knowlton) with Leon James and Diane Nahl. Arranged by Laura Margolis, Corporate Relations, Allstate Insurance Company. October 23, 2003. (See list of stations below)

WXII NBC GREENSBORO-H. POINT - 46 Host: Chris Horne & Kimberly Van Scoy WXII 12 News airs 5-7am ET.

KTBC FOX AUSTIN - 54 Host: Katherine and Joe "Fox 7 News in the Morning"/airs 5-8a ct

KARE NBC MINNEAPOLIS-ST. PAUL - 12 Host: Frank or Kim Sunrise: airs from 5-7 am CT

WNCT CBS GREENVILLE-N. BERN-WASHIN - 103  Host: Kontji Anthony Morning Edition: 8:30am-7:45am

KABC ABC LOS ANGELES - 2 Host: Edd Eyewitness News This Morning

WGHP FOX GREENSBORO-H. POINT - 46 Host: Cindy Farmer Fox 8 Morning News 5-8:30 AM

WSJV ABC SOUTH BEND-ELKHART - 87 Host: Steve and Erica Wake Up

KUSA NBC DENVER - 18 Host: Gary and Kyle 9 News, airs 5-7am MT

WEWS ABC CLEVELAND - 15 Host: Steve Good Morning Cleveland


WAAY ABC HUNTSVILLE-DECATUR - 83 Host: Greg WAAY 31 News Morning

WTVW ABC EVANSVILLE - 99 Host: Chris or Michelle Fox 7 Morningside airs 6-8 am CT

KFSM CBS FT. SMITH - 108 Host: Kelly

WITI FOX MILWAUKEE - 31 Host: Mark or Tim "Fox 6 Wake-Up" airs 6-9 am CT

KPSP CBS PALM SPRINGS - 161 Host: Tom or Brooke

WUSA CBS WASHINGTON, DC - 8 Host: Leslie 9 News @ Noon, Airs 12n-1pm ET


Playboy Magazine.  Consultation with Patty Lamberti, Assistant Editor, on five ways to fix traffic. October 24, 2003.

Miami Herald. Interview with Scott Andron on the psychology of red light cameras and speeding.  November 4, 2003.

Psybernet Weblog Exploring the Psyche in Cyberspace selects two articles by Leon James on Transhumanist Terminology. 2003.

In.Sync Magazine Fall 2003 gives a major review of the book Road Rage and Aggressive Driving by Leon James and Diane Nahl. 2003.

Campus Safety Newsletter Okalahoma Higher Education Training Center. Quotes Leon James's analysis of the causes of aggressive driving. 2003.

The News Journal, Delaware  Interview with Sean O'Sullivan for a story on driver behavior. November 20, 2003.

Tracy Press, Tracy, CA  Interview with Tanya Rose on parking rage. December 16, 2003.

The U.S. Army  Announces that it has selected the Roadrageous video course, co-authored by Leon James for use on its bases for training drivers in managing their anger. December, 2003.

The Atman Project. Transpersonal Psychology. Glossary Psychology. Lists the Leon James Swedenborg Glossary articles on the Web. 2004

Los Angeles Magazine,  Consultation with Kate Sandoval on special issue dealing with traffic and transportation. January 15, 2004.

World BBC Service, London  Interview with Nick Rankin, Chief Producer, Arts, World Service for a broadcast on road rage.  January 29, 2004.

International Association for Driver Education, UK  Invited by Peter Laub, Head of Road Safety, to present a paper at the SAFEX 2004, May 13-15,  World Conference, "Changing Driver Behavior to Reduce Road Traffic Crashes. January 22, 2004.

Capital Gazette, Annapolis, MD. Interview with Carmen Maurielo on gender differences in driving. February 6, 2004.

Psych-Links Online Self-Help Resources lists the driver support groups reports by students of Leon James. 2004.

Find Tutorials The eLearning Website lists as a resource the site on traffic psychology by Leon James. 2004.

County College of Morris Library (CCM) New Jersey. Hot Topics for Online Research lists articles on road rage authored by Leon James. 2004.

The Columbus Parent, Ohio. Quotes aggressive driving statistics from a survey by Leon James. 2004.

KGMB News Channel 9 Honolulu Interview with Brooks Baehr on teen driving and street racing. February 13, 2004.

ABC News Primetime  Consultation with Producer Ann Sorkowitz on producing self-witnessing tapes by drivers in traffic. February 17, 2004.

KGMB News Channel 9 Honolulu Interview with Allan Lu on driving personality makeovers and lifelong driver education. February 22, 2004.

Naples Daily News, FA  Interview with Karie Partington on the threestep method in driver self-modification. February 23, 2004.

123Student. Term Paper Advising. Model on Road Rage extracts segment from Leon James Road Rage book. 2004.

The Telson Spur. Academic Resources. Web Writing. Lists Leon James paper on Web Architecture. 2004.

Knight Center for Science and Medical Journalism at Boston University. Interview with Kelly Young on road rage. February 25, 2004.

The McGill Tribune McGill University Montreal Canada. Article on Relections of a Virtual Self quotes Leon James article on cyberpsychology. March 3, 2004.

Boston Globe Interview with Mike Rosenthal on causes and solutions to road rage. March 5, 2004.

Netscape Directory. Social Sciences. Language and Linguistics. Psycholinguistics. Has an entry for article by Leon James. 2004.

Northern Virginia Journal Newspapers Interview with Ryan Moore on driving psychology principles. March 10, 2004.

Le Jardin Academy Kailua, HI  Workshop presentation by Dr. Nahl and Dr. James to high school students and teachers on driving psychology with focus on scenario analysis training for critical thinking. March 12, 2004.

Volusia County Schools Daytona Beach, Florida  Consulting with Renee' Rades on the use of our Air Rage Article by teachers in Florida to teach critical thinking skills in the public school system involving real-life areas of behavior. March 18, 2004.

City and County of Honolulu Consultation with Rock Riggs, Research Analyst, Councilmember Mike Gabbard's Office, on legislation issues, especially relating to street racing and the Drivers Behaving Badly rating system for TV and the media. March 19, 2004.

Distance Education Resources. Cidade Universitária - São Paulo. Lists the University of Hawaii generational curriculum resource by Leon James. 2004.

World Health News Newsletter. Section on road rage and health quotes Leon James. April 1, 2004.

ABC News New York  Consultation with Rebecca Lee on road rage clips. April 6, 2004.

St. Petersburg Times, FA  Interview with Leonora Lapeter on the psychology of hit and run drivers. April 6, 2004.

DDB New York  Consultation with Susan Johnson Marketing Public Relations Manager, regarding driving statistics. April 7, 2004.

Bicycle Retailer & Industry News  Interview with Ben Delaney -- editor at large on how cyclists can control the behavior of drivers. April 7, 2004.

Men's Health Magazine  Interview with Steve Calechman on how to make a successful road trip. April 8, 2004.

USA Weekend  Interview with Vyvyan Lynn, Freelance Journalist, for a story on how to fix the aggressive driving problem in society. April 24, 2004. See article here.

USA TODAY Interview with Debbie Howlett on the origins of aggressive driving. April 28, 2004.

Men's Health Magazine Interview with Jim Thornton on stress reduction techniques in driving. April 29, 2004.

Chill Magazine  Interview with  Aileen Corr , Assistant Editor, on driving stress, its origin and reduction. April 30, 2004.

Wisconsin Public Radio  Guest on call in program about driving psychology hosted by Ben Merens from 5 to 6 PM, Monday, April 10, 2004. 

KUNM-FM New Mexico public radio station. Guest on program dealing with Travel Rage and Road Rage, hosted by Dr. Suzanne Kryder. Recorded April 12, 2004.

Cooking Light Magazine  Interview with Karen Grimaldos on how to reduce stress while driving. May 24, 2004.

Orlando Sentinel Interview with Scott Powers on speed vs. other factors in accidents. May 25, 2004.

Columbus Georgia Ledger Enquirer  Interview with Tim Chitwood on Memorial Day road rage tips. May 26, 2004.

World Network of Religious Futurists. Names Leon James as Associate for Applied Ethics. May 31, 2004.

Special Reports Article on politeness quotes Leon James. July 11, 2004.

Ventura County Star  Interview with Tom Kissken on the cultural origins of aggressive driving. July 16, 2004.

The Record, NJ  Interview with transportation columnist John Cichowski regarding why motorists don't read signs. July 19, 2004.

Education World. Online Resources Directory in Education. Social Sciences, Psychology. Lists the site of Leon James on driving psychology. 2004.

Bibliography on Language Endangerment. University of Tokyo. Lists the Semantics book edited by Steinberg and Leon James (Jakobovits). July 2003.

FHM (For Him Magazine) Interview with Anastasia Plakias on New York taxi drivers way of driving. July 23, 2004.

Honolulu Advertiser  Quotes survey data by Leon James on aggressive driving comparisons across states. July 26, 2004.

The Patriot-News, Harrisburg, PA  Interview with Garry Lenton on why drivers are aggressive, the role of speeding, and solutions available. July 26, 2004.

Cosmopolitan Magazine Interview with Stephanie Booth on what you can tell about men from their driving. August 7, 2004.

The News Journal  Wilmington DE  Interview with Beth Miller on the effectiveness of police interventions in reducing aggressive driving. August 9, 2004.

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in Edmonton Alberta  Appearance on CBC 740 Radio Active with Rod Kirts. Discussion on street racing and its psychology. August 12, 2004.

LSU, Department of Communication Studies Louisiana State University. Consulting with Professor James (Jim) Honeycutt on driving and music scenarios for the simulator. August 16, 2004.

Newsday Interview with Drew Crouthamel, Opinion Editor, regarding why we love cars so much. August 17, 2004.

The Gazette MD Silver Springs Newsletter of the Mid-Atlantic Popular / American Culture Association. Interview with Trish Barba on aggressiveness of men vs. women. August 19, 2004.

University of Saarlandes, Denmark. Bibliography on Semantics and Discourse lists the Semantics book by Steinberg and Leon James. 2004.

IRC Teaching Resources Guide. University of California at Irvine. Lists an article by Nahl and Leon James on library literacy skills. 2004.

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Fund Filter Reading Room. Article on traffic quotes Leon James. 2004.

Pacific Business News Honolulu, HI  Diane Nahl is interviewed by Prabha Natarajan on aggressive driving and work productivity. August 24, 2004.

The Bulletin. Bend, Oregon. Interview with Ernestine Bousquet on aggressive driving triggers. August 25, 2004.

Pacific Business News Honolulu, HI  Leon James is interviewed by Prabha Natarajan on driving and work productivity. August 25, 2004.

Guide to the Best in Business Resources. Skinner and Motivation. Lists The Psychology of Language book edited by James (Jakobovits) and Miron. 2004.

Central Maryland Regional Safe Communities Center Johns Hopkins University Internet Directory on Resources includes Leon James' University of Hawaii site on traffic psychology. 2004.

Gazette.net Legislative Times, Maryland. Article on women drivers quote Leon James. September 8, 2004.

Press Enterprise  Interview with Mike Schwartz, medical reporter, regarding driving and stress. September 12, 2004.

Dixie Internet Southern Source for Southern News. Article on cussing quotes Leon James on gender differences. September 13, 2004.

Malamalama University of Hawaii. Article about research on road traffic at the UH quotes Leon James. September 17, 2004.

Knowledge.com Directories. Social Sciences. Psychology. Social. Lists my Traffic Psychology site at the University of Hawaii. 2004.

Press-Republican, Plattsburgh, N.Y. Interview with Suzanne Moore regarding the automatic self of the driver. September 22, 2004.

Arizona Republic. Interview with Scott Craven regarding the cultural factors that create aggressive drivers. September 30, 2004.

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Duluth News Tribune  Interview with Joanna Goert on why drivers go over the speed limits. October 7, 2004.

Awesome Library. Highway Safety -- Road Rage. Lists several articles and a book by Leon James. October 2004.

Science Daily Archives and News. Social Sciences. Psychology.  Lists Leon James's articles on traffic psychology. October 2004.

NHTSA and NETS National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and The Network of Employers for Traffic Safety. Using the Aggressive Driver Self-Test created by Leon James for an employment based Aggressive Driving Planner. 1998 to 2004.

Air Force Safety Center (AFSC) Official Government Web Site provides a Power Point presentation prepared by Leon James on how to manage aggressive driving. March 2002 to 2004.

Moms Team Youth Sports Parenting. Publishes Road Rage Prevention: Advice for Moms by Leon James and Diane Nahl. 2002 to 2004.

Good Radio Shows Peace Talks Tempering Travel Rage featuring driving psychology expert Leon James. 2004.

Expedite Now The Internet Magazine For the Expedited Freight Industry. Leon James gives advice on driving psychology. 1999 to 2004.

Trinity University The Sociology of the Road Section on the Social Psychology of Driving based on Leon James. 2002 to 2004.

Dinner-Movie Health Living. Road Rage Puts a Dent in Health article featuring Leon James. 2004.

AUSTrainer Master Degree in Spiritual Psychology puts Leon James Swedenborg Site at the top of its recommended list of  high quality training resources. 2004.

Governor's Highway Safety Organization Posts a reprint of an article in the Patriot-News featuring Leon James. 2004.

Guide to Philosophy on the Internet Philosophy Department, Earlham College. Philosophy Dictionaries and Glossaries lists the Leon James online Swedenborg Glossary. 2000--2004.

Daily times Pakistan Article on Driving quotes Leon James among other experts. October 9, 2004.

US Government Printing Office House Subcommittee on Transportation posts the Testimony on Aggressive Driving by Dr. Leon James. 19997-2004.

LME Chair For Pattern Recognition Web resources of interest for emotion in speech lists Leon James DrDriving Web site articles on traffic emotions. 1999-2004.

Science Daily Latest Research News  Includes an article by Leon James in its category: Science: Social Sciences: Linguistics: Pragmatics. 2004

Men's Health Lifestyle Article on How to Have Happy Motoring Drive without feeling driven features Leon James on the self-witnessing method behind the wheel. 2004

Psychology and Design Department of Social Sciences or The Nottingham Trent University. Section on Errors and Accidents. Recommends Leon James articles on traffic psychology. 1999-2004.

Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) Work Zone Safety. Driver Test by Leon James is reprinted. October 2004.

South Coast Today. Article on managing anger behind the wheel quotes advice from Leon James. October 2004.

Australian Cyclist Velo Metro. Article on driver aggression against cyclists quotes Leon James. October 2004.

Athenaeum Library Compendium of Significant Contributions to Human Knowledge selects and posts a 1982 article by Leon James on Empiricism and Phenomenology. 2004.

Los Alamos National Laboratory Newsletter on Holiday Travel Safety Tips, quotes Leon James on driving psychology. 1999-2004.

About.com Newsletter on Foreign Language Resources for Secondary School Educators picks an article by Leon James at the top of its list.  October 2004.

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) U.S. Government. National Drive Safely at Work Week. Presents the Road Rage Survey Form developed by Leon James and presented in his Congressional Testimony. October 7, 2004.

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To listen to it:   http://wpr.org/ideas/programnotes.cfm

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To listen to it:   http://wpr.org/ideas/programnotes.cfm

OK Salute Italian Magazine  Interview with Deborah Ameri about car anthropomorphism or naming one's car and treating it as human. October 26, 2007.  Answers and links here

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