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1.     Gannett News Service  The Detroit News. article by Hollis L. Engley "Freeway frustration unsafe at any speed: It may be a `guy thing,' but we all pay for belligerence on the roadways",  reports on Dr. Leon James. May 5, 1996    

2.     American Psychological Association APA Monitor article by Scott Sleek on how to curb accidents according to experts, includes Dr. Leon James and his concept of self-witnessing to recover from aggressive driving. September, 1996.

3.     St. Paul Pioneer Press, October 8, 1996     

4.     Honolulu Advertiser, (Hawaii), August and October 1996

5.     Associated Press news service reports on Dr. Leon James in one of the earliest mention of the aggressive driving syndrome as a national problem, October 10, 1996 (see insert above).

6.     Oahu Fleet Safety Organization (OFSO), September 17, 1996

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9.     KINE University Reports radio broadcast (Hawaii), October 1996  

10.  Associated Press News Service interview, December 1996

11.  US News & World Report,   Mad Driver's Disease article features Dr; Leon James on aggressive drivers. November 11, 1996.  See also their 1997 Outlook Issue online which links to DrDriving Says...

12.  Honolulu Star Bulletin  Temper, temper! Some drivers go ballistic as traffic increases and holiday pressures build by Debra Barayuga, December 4, 1996.  Interview with Leon James.

13.  HMSA--Island Scene Online Internet addiction by Dave Reardon, January 1, 1997

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25.  Budget Rent-A-Car Hawaii Displays DrDriving's Tips and Slogans for Car Show, Honolulu, February, 1997

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34.  A. B. Publishing Company  Crystal Lake IL Michael Adair tries to apply DrDriving's self-witnessing approach to Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), May 1997.

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41.  US News Online   Article titled :Road Rage: Tailgating, giving the finger, outright violence–Americans grow more likely to take out their frustrations on other drivers By Jason Vest, Warren Cohen And Mike Tharp, quoting Leon James.  June 2,  19997.

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47.  Traffic Safety Village Vol. 7, Issue 3, Summer 1997 reports on The Road Rage Epidemic: Hype or reality? with reference to DrDriving's discussion of Princess Diana's tragic crash

48.  48 Hours (CBS, New York) July 10, 1997 (interviewed for a planned segment on road rage)

49.  USA Weekend   September 5-7, 1997 ROAD RAGE A few smart psychological steps to take when you get angry -- or the other driver does.  Interview with Michele Pullia Turk.

50.  Subcommittee on Surface Transportation and Infrastructure, US House of Representatives (Washington, DC), July 17, 1997 Transcript of oral testimony of  Dr. Leon James and questions from Congressmen, along with testimony from Dr.
Ricardo Martinez and Dr. Nerenberg.   (My extended written testimony on aggressive drivers and congested commutes--available here)

51.  NBC Hawaii TV News 8  Evening News, July 17, 1997

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55.  Yahoo!   starts listing the /Current Events/Road Rage/ category, and includes the Social Psychology of Driving by Leon James (August 1997). See also: Yahoo! Coverage of Road Rage

56.  Seattle Times  July 22, 1997 Editorial dealing with DrDriving's approach  in relation to George Washington's 'Rules of Civility' by Michelle Malkin

57.  New York Times, August 7, 1997 Published October 16 1997 article by Leslie Hazelton:   Fear Is Increasing on the Roads, But That May Not Be a Bad Thing

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63.  The Star Ledger, Newark, NJ, August 21, 1997, interview with Paul Wycoff.

64.  Intellectual   Peter Spencer, editor of Consumers' Research, recommends DrDriving's site for basic information on aggressive driving and road rage.  August 21, 1997.

65.  KSDU Radio, 91.9FM, North Dakota, August 27, 1997 (Steve Roisum)(see interview here)

66.  Christian Science Monitor 8/28/97 article on Road Rage by Skip Thurman, with Background Links to DrDriving

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68.  Palm Beach Post (Douglas Kalajian), September 17, 1997 interview

69.  Futures Magazine (for teens), Open Letter on Road Rage by DrDriving (Spring 1998 issue) Preview it here

70.  Roslyn Busch  Consultation with the founder of "Less Stress for Miles of Smiles"  and formerly with the Criminal Justice Department of CSULA, September 23, 1999.

71.  Washington State Library Reference Desk on Aggressive Driving compiled by Ellen Levesque includes DrDriving's Congressional Testimony, September 1997.

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84.  WSTM TV in Syracuse, N.Y., interview by Denis Kellogg, November 10, 1997.

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86.  LA Daily News interview by Heesun Wee on The Causes of Road Rage.  November 11, 1997

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88.  The Alligator Student Newspaper at the University of Florida article on road rage by Will Vash, November 17, 1997

89.  Driver Alert An online publication. Interview with DrDriving and Mr. Traffic, November, 1997

90.  Stuff Mentioned On Whad'Ya Know?  November 29, 1997

91.  Washington State Library  Leon James' congressional testimony is selected for inclusion in aggressive driving bibliography.  November  1997.

92.  Kevin Berger, author and reporter, interviews Leon James. See his article in San Francisco, December 1997 issue, page 37.

93.  KCSN Radio, Cal State, North Ridge, CA (taped interview with Christine Ota), November 3, 1997

94.  LA Times interview by Don Nausf, November 4, 1997

95.  Ladies Home Journal Article for April 1998 issue uses DrDriving's Aggressive Driving Quiz (Pam O'Brian)

96.  NHTSA   Aggressive Driving Test based on DrDriving's Congressional Testimony, 1998.

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101.   Paradigm Magazine,   Illinois Institute for Addiction Recovery.  Quest Publishing, Addison TX, Winter 1998 Vol. 3 No. 1, pp.16-18, article by Leon James entitled, The Wear and Tear of Road Rage.

102.   Anger on the Road.  Web site focusing on anger, December 10, 1997.

103.   York Daily Record  OUR OPINION SLAM THE BRAKES ON EVIL ROAD RAGE .  Article reports on Leon James.  December 10, 1997.

104.   The American Legion Magazine, May Issue, Vol. 144, No. 5  Interview by Trent D. McNeeley on road rage, aggressive drivers, defensive driving, and excessive government intervention, December 12, 1997 read my answers here

105.   ABC 20/20   ROAD TEST FOR THE CHILL PILL Researchers: Popping Prozac can help quell highway rage. Transcript of the show quoting Dr. Leon James on aggressive drivers.   December 15,   1997.

106.   Seattle, Wa Magazine interview with Devona Walker, a resident of Seattle, Wa., writing a story for a local weekly on the racial aspects of Road Rage, January 2, 1998 (see the questions and answers here)

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109.   Minneapolis Star Tribune, Minnesota with Lorie Blake, Transportation Issues columnist on driving personality makeover techniques, January 8, 1998. See the article online at this address along with a road rage quiz.

110.   Author Rob Campbell writing a chapter on DrDriving in his book tentatively titled Plato's Garage, with St. Martin's Press (forthcoming). January 9, 1997 interview.

111.   Time Magazine Road Rage story by Andrew Ferguson quoting Leon James, January 12, 1998 issue (Society Section)

112.   Time Society  January 12, 1998 Vol. 151 No. 1 Article on Road Rage by Andrew Ferguson refers to Leon James.

113.   Ka Leo'O Hawaii Interview with Julius Tigno on my traffic psychology classes, January 15, 1997. See my answers here.

114.   LeasePlanner   Atlanta, Georgia  Article titled "Putting the brakes on  road rage" quotes Dr. Leon James.  January,  2000.

115.   Viewpoints Pages Patrick Keller's column   Can't wait to get on the road again -- article reviews highlights DrDriving's congressional testimony. January 20, 1998.

116.   BICYCLING Magazine Interview with Ed Pavelka for the May 1998 issue relating to driver-cyclist relations on highways (January 23, 1998). Here is my review of that article.

117.   WCCO Radio (CBS Minneapolis) live talk with Ruth Kozlak, January 27, 1998.

118.   KKMS Radio Minneapolis/St.Paul, live talk with Joyce Harley on The Cutting Edge (January 28, 1998)

119.   Mining Company News, Lexington, KY Holiday Road Rage: Beware! by Lynn Johnson who chose this DrDriving document (February 2, 1998)

120.   The Mining Company News, Lexington, KY Is Road Rage a Mental Disorder? by Leonard Holmes who links to this article by DrDriving (February 2, 1998)

121.   Acron Beacon Journal Acron, Ohio, interview with Sheryl Harris on the cultural solutions to aggressive driving (February 9, 1998)

122.   The Learning Channel Consultation with producer Martin Pearson for the one hour documentary The Secret History of Cars, on psychological relationship to our cars (February 11, 1998)

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125.   The Hedgehog A new 'zine' in the Boston area for an article on road rage by Seth Cobin (February 20, 1998)

126.   9 Online-Minnesota NewsFeaturing a link to DrDriving, specifically to Issues in Newsgroups (February 20, 1998)

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132.   Albany Times interview with Kate Gurnett for a story on road rage (February 26, 1998)

133.   Honolulu Star Bulletin interview article with Rod Ohira--Road rage is roaring down Main Street: A UH professor is trying to educate the public of the danger of such behavior   March 9, 1998.

134.   TRUX Magazine, Georgia Motor Trucking Association Interview with Gary Bricken writing an article on Quality Driving Circles (March 9, 1998). His article appeared in the Spring 1998 issue.

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143.   Wisconsin State Journal Forum, the Sunday Section has my invited article on road rage for the Sunday May 3, 1998 issue (Kerry Hill, Editor)

144.   Radio KCEO 1000 AM in San Diego The Shari Mindlen Show, Saturday 5 PM, April 25, 1998 (Morality and Aggressive Driving)

145.   Star-Ledger of New Jersey Interview with Paul Wyckoff, April 21, 1998 on the psychology of HOV Lanes. You can read the substance of my answers here.

146.   Research Issue of the Week:  Road Rage article referring to DrDriving's Congressional Testimony, April 27, 1998.

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162.   CJAD AM Radio, Montreal  Interview appearance on The World Today with Mark Rennie, June 8, 1998

163.   Survival Skills Rider Training  Article titled "Are Video Driving Games fuelling Road Rage?" quotes Dr. Leon James on video game violence.  June 8,  2000.

164.   CKNW AM Radio, Vancouver  Interview appearance on the Rafe Mair Show, with Bill Good, June 9, 1998

165.   Calgary Herald  Interview with Sharon Adams, June 10, 1998

166.   Wayfarer RV Tips and The Alberta Report Magazine, Edmonton Canada   Interview with Davis Sheremata for the June 22, 1998 issue. " An interesting article about road rage and RVers Road rage in the frozen north. A U.S. prof says Canadian drivers are more violent than Americans."

167.   Mental Health Resources  Points to several documents on this site relating to road rage and aggressive drivers.

168.   Vancouver Sun  An article reporting on DrDriving's Road Rage Survey, June 8, 1998

169.   Toronto Sun  Road Rage Study:  Men are Hotheads, reviewing DrDriving's Road Rage Survey, June 8, 1998

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184.   Ford Motor Company starts listing Driving Psychology on its Car Links.  July 16,  1998.

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243.   U.S. Coast Guard Aggressive Driving and Road Rage Memo Drafted by  MK3 Wilson George Released by Capt Gil Kunken.  Relies on DrDriving's definition of road rage and aggressive driving and reproduces the aggressive driving tendency
test in our congrerssional testimony.  October 20,  1998.

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