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On Sat, 5 Feb 2000, Nancy Werteen wrote:

> 1. Statistically, are men better drivers than women?

No such statistics is known to me. Besides, I doubt you can measure
accurately what we mean by "better drivers." One measure is to look at the
record of crashes and violations. Another is to have a race or contest.
Another is to look at their self-witnessing reports where they record
their thoughts and feelings behind the wheel, and see who has more of an
aggressive or hostile inner life as a driver. So you see, which measure
would be best?? What kind of statistics do you want?? Why ask this
question?? Why do people want statistics on this issue?? I think the
answer is that there are stereotypes about women drivers and they are
negative generally. But besides those there are customs like "the man drives."
Also, men drive more miles. Also women and men may drive for
different purposes under different time constraints or time of the day.
Question: can a woman truck driver be as good as a man? Yes. Question:
can a woman race car driver be as good as man race car driver? Yes.

My research shows that some women can be as aggressive as men but that
more probably women are less aggressive and more compassionate. This
makes them more supportive drivers, thus less competitive. Also, women are
better drivers in that they take care of their passengers better. Men who
drive a car and have no crashes or tickets can still be mean to their
passengers--this makes them bad drivers. Or men who refuse to stop for a
bathroom stop--this makes them into bad drivers. Or men who refuse to ask
for directions where a woman driver would--he gets lost and wastes time,
she does not. So all in all I would say that women are generally better
than men at everything, therefore also at driving.

> 2. Do the statistics change based on the ages of the men and women
> drivers?

I have a survey on the Web and 2000 people filled it out last year. So if
you're asking, are there age and gender differences as reported by the
drivers themselves on a check off list, then the answer is yes. If you
want details please consult my detailed analysis published here:

Survey Interpretations

Basically: men say they're more aggressive drivers and doing more illegal
things than women. This is true of all ages. But young women are closer
to young men than to older women. Older drivers, moth men and women, are
less aggressive the older they get. All this is from what they say about
themselves. I know of no other data on this issue. My students have
reviewed the literature in their reports on gender differences in driving.
Their reports are listed and available here:

Gender Differences in Driving.
> 3. Can you speculate as to any of the reasons behind the trends you see?

The increase in aggressive driving by both men and women is due to two
sources. First, we acquire it in childhood from parents and TV. Second,
it is necessary to educate or train our traffic emotions due to the
challenges of highway life (congestion, multi-tasking, dashboard dining,
GPS, email, reservations, phone, hostility of other drivers,
construction delays, near misses, bad weather, etc.).

> That would be it. Also, include anything you would like me to mention
about yourself of DrDriving.

Yes. The answer to a worsening problem that makes life miserable for
millions is Quality Driving Circles or QDCs. These are small driving
support groups meeting once a week and motivating each other to do
driving personality makeovers. This requires techniques of self-modification. I
describe them in three places you can mention:

1)DrDriving Web site at here:
2)RoadRageous Video Course available here:
3)Our book called ROAD RAGE AND AGGRESSIVE DRIVING described here:
Road Rage and Aggressive Driving (book).

Take care, Nancy Werteen!

Leon James
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