Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2000 19:36:29 -1000
From: Leon James <>
To: "Cason, Colleen" <>
Cc: DrDriving <>
Subject: Re: Media inquiry

On Wed, 26 Apr 2000, Cason, Colleen wrote:
> I am a columnist at the Ventura County Star in Ventura, Calif.
> I am writing about a new invention -- Biogrounder.
> It's inventor claims electric charges caused by road vibration is a major
> cause of tension while driving.
> So among other things, this device could help prevent road rage.
> What to you think? Have you encountered this in your research?

Ms. Cason,
I know of no research that would support even the possibility of such a
device for road rage reduction. The same applies to other anti-road rage
products that have sprung up--aroma therapy, relaxation tapes, squeeze
balls, flip-charts with angry messages, special physical exercises behind
the wheel, bumper stickers, and the like. The fact is that the
responsibility is upon the promoter or marketeer to prove that the product
reduces road rage. No such evidence is forthcoming, nor will there be
because it would extremely difficult to do such research adequately. Until
the claim is proven, I don't think we can accept it.

Take care.
Leon James
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