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I don't have road rage; I have campus rage. - The Rocky Mountain Collegian

By Thea Domber

September 19, 2003

Why does it take me 20 minutes to get to class once I enter campus whether I bike, walk or drive? Why do people scatter across crosswalks in herds of 50, bike through stop signs or fail to obey stop signs? Simple answer...the traffic setup on campus sucks.

I was somewhere around the stop sign at Meridian Avenue and South Drive last week, in my car, waiting for the herd of walkers to have some semblance of a space big enough for my car to fit through, for the bikers to decide whether they are on the road, the sidewalk, or just kamikazes, and for the other cars at the four-way stop to either plow through the intersection or figure out who had the right of way. And the rage sweltered inside of me.

No one knows how to follow traffic rules on campus (or, arguably, anywhere really). Are bikers supposed to be treated as cars? If so, why are they allowed to ride on sidewalks on some parts of campus? Why do some parts of campus have bike lanes while other parts force them to merge with unwilling cars on the road? How many pedestrians should cross the streets at once? Why do so many people insist on crossing where there are no crosswalks? Why is there only one way for cars to access the main part of campus?

Irritation runs high between classes. People cross the street in groups, which is fine, but then three more people who were 50 feet away when the group started crossing as well, which makes me want to hit them with my car! Bikers don't dismount their bikes on the plaza, and shoot through stop signs at intersections. Cars don't stop at stop signs, and cut each other off in the hopes of making it to class ten seconds sooner than they would if they followed the right of way rules. There were times I have been almost hit by a bike or car on my way to class. Cars also randomly stop around campus to drop people off, causing a traffic jam and making it confusing to know whether you can go around them or not.

I'm not going to lay blame on any one type of transportation - pedestrians, bikes, or cars, because I've done all three at CSU and everyone is equally to blame, myself included. But I think there is a solution to the traffic problems on campus.

Perhaps you've noticed them on your worldly travels. They are a box on top of a thin pole. The box contains two symbols - a red hand, symbolizing stop, and a white person, symbolizing walk. These things, called crosswalk signals, work in conjunction with another mechanical/electrical device - this other one is a smaller box, painted yellow and attached to a thick wire. It has three circles that light up in a specified pattern of green, yellow and red. Some people like to call it a traffic light. You may have encountered these exotic pieces of ingenuity everywhere else in town, but probably not on campus. Why do these things exist everywhere around town except on campus, where they are most needed?

When the designers of the university originally built the roads, they probably couldn't conceive the idea of cars. And when cars did come around, stop signs were probably enough to control traffic flow. But sadly, everyone is an idiot at one point when they are on a bike, behind the wheel of a car, or given a crosswalk. I don't think making CSU a pedestrian campus would solve the problem because there isn't nearly enough housing on campus to satisfy the number of students we have here. People need to be able to drive to campus and park in semi-convenient locations. I don't think more crosswalks are the answer either - making cars stop every ten feet while people cross (hoping to some higher power that the driver remembers they have to stop) seems more like playing Russian roulette than a solution.

Not to bring up that still sore subject of the other big college town in Colorado, but Boulder uses a very effective traffic-flow control on Pearl Street. Wide crosswalks are paired with timed traffic lights. Every red light gives people 30 to 40 seconds to cross the road. Traffic is controlled effectively because pedestrians and bikers aren't forced to fight against cars, and when the light is green but no cars are around, pedestrians and bikers can still cross with relative safety. I think we need three traffic lights on campus with crosswalk signs, one at each major intersection of Meridian. Yes, there will still be traffic backups around 5 p.m. Yes, I know that traffic lights and timed crosswalk signals are expensive. But isn't the peace that would come out of it well worth the expense? Write people big tickets when they break the rules to help cover the cost. Enforce the rules.

Please, powers that be at CSU, do something, anything, so I can get to class on time without killing anyone!


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DRIVERS warn of road rage - The Wimmera Mail Times, Australia
HORSHAM taxi drivers have hit the roof over proposed speed restrictions in the city's central business district.
They say they `vehemently object' to the 40-kilometres-an-hour proposal and say it will affect their business viability, 
add to traffic congestion and possibly increase road rage, 
city vandalism and street brawls.
Andrew Kuhne voiced their concerns in a letter to Horsham Rural City Council on behalf of Horsham Taxi Service
 management and drivers.
His letter prompted talks with city council representatives and a revision of the city's speed zoning proposal. See
 story, page 7.
In his letter Mr Kuhne said taxi drivers used city streets 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
"Our income and viability depend on the efficient and unimpeded traversing of these and all other streets in this great 
city," he said.
"Because a majority of our work either originates, terminates or travels through the central business district, these 
changes would have a maximum impact on our business viability.
"Imposing new and lower speed restrictions would severely retard our business by causing undue delay in passenger
 pick-up and passenger drop-off, and travel time delays.
"We feel these delays would be further impeded in the daytime by additional congestion under the proposed slower 
speed limits.
"Delays during the night, especially from the hotel areas, could have a flow-on effect resulting in an increase in city 
vandalism and street brawls from frustrated and alcohol-affected 
taxi patrons who have to wait longer for their taxi to arrive.
"We also believe that taxi drivers might also be put at an element of risk by verbal abuse and lewd behavior from 
agitated customers."
Mr Kuhne said taxi drivers also believed lower speed limits could encourage road rage and cause accidents by 
other impatient drivers as they became agitated or aggressive when held up.
"Since the introduction of the state-wide 50kmh speed limit in residential areas, taxi drivers have suffered financially,
" he said.
"We strongly believe that a further reduction in street speed limits will exacerbate our situation."
Mr Kuhne said drivers fully acknowledged and supported new 40kmh speed restrictions at schools.
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ROAD-RAGE Victim's Company Offers $5,000 Award - Click 2, TX
Friends, family members and co-workers pleaded for the public's help Friday in finding the shooter
responsible for a senseless crime that killed one man.

Robert Pietsch, 33, was killed by a single gunshot wound to the head while driving his sport utility vehicle Sunday. His SUV then crashed into a building on Shephard at Richmond.

"The loss that you feel in this type of situation is (something) you can't get over," Pietsch's longtime friend Duane Murphy said. "I can't imagine what type of person could do something to take away what we had and what we shared."

Investigators and witnesses said he might have been playing road tag, cutting off another driver in the area.

Investigators said Pietsch was shot and killed by an unknown assailant Sunday around 5:30 p.m.
as he was driving south on the 3400 block of Shepherd.

According to Houston police Sgt. Tom Ladd and witness accounts, Pietsch stopped at Richmond Avenue to wait for an ambulance before proceeding through the intersection. As he moved through the intersection, a single gunshot struck him in the head and killed him. His car careened off the road into an adjacent building.


One passenger was in the vehicle at the time of the incident.


The victim's employer, Heavy Construction Systems Specialists, Inc., is offering a supplemental reward of up to $5,000 in addition to the Crime Stoppers of Houston reward of $5,000, bring the total reward to $10,000.


"It's devastated the family. It's devastated us, so we are trying to do what we can do o take this person off the street," HCSS vice president John Davis said.


Witnesses told investigators that the other vehicle involved in the incident is a white four-door compact vehicle with a very loud muffler.

Anyone with information should call Crime Stoppers at (713) 222-TIPS.
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REWARD offered for information related to road rage shooting - News 24 Houston, TX

Family and friends of 33-year-old Robert Pietsch described him as a loving and caring man.

"To understand a loss like this is unbelievable -- somebody that touched so many people's hearts, touched my heart for a number of years, touched anybody he met. If you remember Robert, he had a smile on his face," said Pietsch's best friend, Duane Murphy.

Close to 5:15 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 14, Pietsch was driving home after joining friends at a local restaurant.

While driving through the intersection at Shepherd and Richmond, Pietsch stopped at a red light to yield the right-of-way to a passing ambulance.

Police who interviewed witnesses at the scene say a male in a white car pulled up next to Pietsch's truck, where he then shot and killed him. Seconds later, the victim's SUV spun out of control.

"As [the witnesses] were watching this vehicle, the vehicle was able to pull up beside them, they looked inside and they saw a white male slumped over the steering wheel and body was rocking with the motion of the car. There was no one else in the vehicle, the vehicle then careened off the road and drove up into a small area, a parking area of a building under construction," said Sgt. Tom Ladd with HPD Homicide.

According to police, the suspect was playing tag with his car and the victim's SUV. It is unknown at this point if the fatal shot came from one of the back windows in the SUV or if he was shot from the front.

Police are urging more witnesses to come forward.

Sgt. Ladd added that cases of road rage are not only senseless, but they endanger innocent bystanders.

"I guess every incident of road rage where one individual fires at another individual while in moving cars is not only [that] they endanger their lives, but they endanger other people's lives, as well. I have never completely understood road rage to the point where somebody would pull a firearm out and shoot it at someone else," said Sgt. Ladd.

Police are looking for an unknown male suspect who fled the scene in a small four-door white compact car with tinted windows. The car also had a very loud muffler.

A reward of up to $10,000 is being offered for any information leading to the arrest and charging of a suspect. Crime Stoppers is offering $5,000, while the victim's employer is offering another $5,000.

If you have any information about the case, you are urged to call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS. All calls will remain anonymous.

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OHANGWENA Residents Vent Their Road Rage

Oswald Shivute

RESIDENTS of the Ohangwena Region, mostly from the Okongo Constituency, last week took to the streets to demand the tarring of the main gravel road between Elundu and Okongo.

The villagers said the road had become unusable as it had been damaged by heavy trucks.

Heavy trucks from Angola and Zambia use the road to link up with Oshikango where they collect goods.

Okongo residents also took issue with politicians who had visited the constituency since 1991 and had promised that the road would be tarred, but, up until now, nothing had happened.

The demonstrators, who handed over a petition to Ohangwena Regional Officer Daniel Kashikola at Eenhana, said the Elundu-Okongo road was so bad that the number of accidents along the road had increased dramatically.

They also said patients referred by the Okongo District Hospital to Onandjokwe or Oshakati Hospitals were dying on the way because of the bumpy road.

The petition said between 1998 and September 2003, 132 vehicles had been involved in accidents on the road, with 179 people injured and 29 dead.

The petition said 2001 had been the worst, with 63 road accident injuries and nine deaths on the road recorded.

"The road is completely destroyed by heavy trucks, especially from Angola and those of local business people," the petition states.

The villagers also said development of the Okongo Constituency was being hampered by the bad condition of the road Community members said they were requesting Government, through the Ministry of Works, Transport and Communication, to respond to their demand before November 30.

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HEARING begins in apparent road rage slaying - The Californian, CA


Two people charged in an apparent road-rage slaying in May relentlessly pursued the victim along Highway 101, a witness testified Monday.

Glenn Barry Spillman, 35, of Salinas, and Rubi Florencia Garcia, 23, of Royal Oaks, are charged with the May 22 slaying of Javier Soto. The 27-year-old was shot while driving north on the highway at White Road.

Police say Spillman shot Soto after Garcia, who was driving, positioned Spillman's pickup alongside Soto's car so that Spillman could take aim.

A third person in Spillman's GMC Sierra pickup, Antonio Garcia, 18, testified during a preliminary hearing Monday that Rubi Garcia didn't position the vehicle beside Soto's Honda. In scattered and seemingly reluctant testimony, he testified that Spillman at some point took control of the wheel from Rubi Garcia, who'd been driving because Spillman was drunk.

Antonio Garcia testified that Spillman pulled a handgun from the glove compartment and began firing.

"(He) started shooting," Antonio Garcia said of Spillman, formerly employed by McCormick & Co. Inc.

Garcia contradicted witness statements to police that the driver of the truck appeared to be trying to position the vehicle alongside Soto's car.

"(Rubi Garcia) was afraid, like me. I just know it, I could feel it inside," Antonio Garcia said of his friend, who was a temporary worker at McCormick & Co. Inc.

Soto, a married father of two small girls, received a mortal bullet wound that penetrated both of his lungs and a major artery to the heart, Monterey County Pathologist Dr. John Hain determined.

After a California Highway Patrol officer pulled over Spillman's truck at San Miguel Canyon Road, Antonio Garcia said Spillman told him to "keep (his) mouth shut."

Monterey County sheriff's investigator Kevin Oakley testified that Francis Jarschke, an eyewitness, told him that the driver of the truck relentlessly pursued Soto, darting between lanes and tailgating Soto's Honda within 1 foot.

"He described it as the Honda was being chased by the maroon truck," Oakley said.

Oakley testified that to Jarschke it appeared that Soto was trying to make an evasive U-turn on Highway 101 at White Road just before he was shot. Jarschke told police that he saw Soto brush broken glass from his hair and thought that he was OK.

He also told police that Soto, who was in the fast lane, was shot at from the truck in the slow lane, Oakley said. Jarschke said that he saw an arm reach behind the driver's head and fire three shots at Soto, Oakley said.

Another motorist who witnessed the chase made similar statements, Oakley said.

Statements by Rubi Garcia to California Highway Patrol officer Gary Marshall after her arrest also seemed to implicate Spillman.

"She said, 'I was just driving, he did the shooting, I didn't even know what was going on,'" Marshall said.

Spillman's Salinas-based attorney, Eugene Martinez, pointed out that Garcia did not name the person she was talking about.

A Monterey County Deputy District Attorney rested the prosecution's case Monday. Superior Court Judge Stephen A. Sillman is expected to make a decision today whether to bind the two over for trial on the murder charges.

Originally published Tuesday, September 23, 2003

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OHANGWENA residents vent their road rage - The Namibian, Namibia 
RESIDENTS of the Ohangwena Region, mostly from the Okongo Constituency, last week took to the streets to 
demand the tarring of the main gravel road between Elundu and Okongo.

The villagers said the road had become unusable as it had been damaged by heavy trucks.

Heavy trucks from Angola and Zambia use the road to link up with Oshikango where they collect goods.

Okongo residents also took issue with politicians who had visited the constituency since 1991 and had promised that the road would be tarred, but, up until now, nothing had happened.

The demonstrators, who handed over a petition to Ohangwena Regional Officer Daniel Kashikola at Eenhana, said the Elundu-Okongo road was so bad that the number of accidents along the road had increased dramatically.

They also said patients referred by the Okongo District Hospital to Onandjokwe or Oshakati Hospitals were dying on the way because of the bumpy road.

The petition said between 1998 and September 2003, 132 vehicles had been involved in accidents on the road, with 179 people injured and 29 dead.

The petition said 2001 had been the worst, with 63 road accident injuries and nine deaths on the road recorded.

"The road is completely destroyed by heavy trucks, especially from Angola and those of local business people," the petition states.

The villagers also said development of the Okongo Constituency was being hampered by the bad condition of the road 
Community members said they were requesting Government, through the Ministry of Works, Transport and Communication,
 to respond to their demand before November 30.
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RIVAL Gangs Suspected In Road Rage Incident - Leesburg Today, VA

Sep 22, 2003 -- The Loudoun County Sheriff's Office arrested two teenagers Sunday night in what it believes was a road rage incident of two rival gangs.

A group of juveniles "exchanged words" while at the Sterling Park Mall and then all left in separate vehicles. While driving in the area of Staunton Avenue, the driver of one of the vehicles occupied by three white juveniles, brandished a gun. From the second vehicle, which was occupied by three Hispanic males, someone threw a baseball bat at the window of the other car. Both vehicles then departed.

Two juveniles were identified and arrested in the incident. The Sheriff's Office said one of them returned to the Staunton Avenue area prior to their arrest and damaged a vehicle owned by one of the Hispanic males.

The case remains under investigation and further charges are pending.

Anyone with information regarding this case can call the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office Criminal Investigations Division at 703-777-0475.

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ROAD Rage Incident Prompts Shooting - SanDiego, CA

SAN DIEGO -- A 19-year-old man was grazed by a bullet in Mountain View in what may have been a gang-related shooting, police said Tuesday.

The shooting happened in the 3500 block of Webster Avenue. It occurred about 8 p.m. Monday night after a fight over a "road rage incident," San Diego police Lt. Margret Schaufelberger said.

The gunman fired six or seven shots and fled in a red Toyota Corolla, Schaufelberger said.

The victim, whose name police withheld, suffered a graze wound to an arm, but was not hospitalized, Schaufelberger said.

Both men knew each other and had violent contacts in the past over gang recruitment, Schaufelberger said. 
No immediate arrests were made.
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TWO to be tried for murder in Salinas road-rage case 

Two people accused of the road-rage shooting of a man on Highway 101 in Salinas will be tried for the crime.

A Monterey County Superior Court judge ruled yesterday that there's enough evidence for a trial, despite defense suggestions that someone else fired the fatal shots.

Glenn Barry Spillman and Rubi Florencia Garcia are charged with first-degree-murder for the shooting death of Javier Soto in May.

The accused's attorney says there's a significant question about the identity of the shooter, citing conflicting stories from his client and an off-duty San Jose police officer.

The district attorney's office is deciding whether to pursue the death penalty.

The two are scheduled to be arraigned October 17th.

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SUSPECT, Victims Sought In Road Rage Shooting 

CLACKAMAS COUNTY, Ore. -- Investigators are looking for two people shot at early Monday in a road-rage incident.

Witnesses say a white Nissan pickup truck slammed on its brakes near Bob Schumacher Road and Monterey Avenue, forcing the car behind to go around. As the maroon or dark-red Toyota pickup passed, the suspect allegedly leaned out the window and fired numerous rounds at the lifted Toyota.

A witness followed the Toyota, catching up to it near Sunnyside Road. The victims, a teenage couple, said they had not been struck by the bullets.

The suspect vehicle, with a bullet hole in the hood, was found parked near the shooting scene.

Investigators want to speak with the couple, who did not file a police report. They are also looking for the suspect, described as a Hispanic male with a shave head.

Anyone with information should call the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office at (503) 655-8218.

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SANTA Rosa Man Sentenced In Road Rage Death 
 ó      A Sonoma County Superior Court judge this morning sentenced
a Santa Rosa man to 11 years in state prison for causing a crash that killed a man 
during a shocking road rage incident in February.

Judge Robert Dale sentenced 22-year-old Christopher Michael Cairati to the maximum term allowed for voluntary manslaughter, calling his behavior "vicious, violent, callous and totally indifferent conduct to others on the road."

Cairati pled guilty in July to killing landscaper Kenneth Neil Hanson, 53, whose Ford F-150 pickup crashed head-on into another vehicle on Fulton Road in Santa Rosa after Cairati smashed the truck's rear cab window with a shovel while standing in the truck bed.

The fatal crash ended what Dale called "a hideous chain of events" which occurred over a long period of time on Feb. 19. The judge said Cairati had opportunities to avoid the confrontation that could have ended with a minor traffic citation.

"He is a danger to society and he should not be on the road," Dale said.

Both Cairati and Deputy Public Defender Kathleen Posize="3i were in tears as they insisted Cairati was deeply remorseful for his behavior

The judge, however, cited Cairati's past incidents of aggression and domestic violence beginning when he was 15.

Testimony during the preliminary hearing indicated Cairati became angry when Hansen nearly ran his 1993 Isuzu Stylus off the road about a mile away from the crash. Cairati at one point got out of his car and punched Hansen in the face. Hansen then backed his truck into Cairati's car.

At a stop light Cairati climbed into the back of Hansen's truck and smashed the rear window with a shovel. Hansen's truck collided with a Dodge Intrepid injuring a Windsor woman and her daughter.

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ROAD rage incident not being prosecuted

Cpl. Dan Huggins of Gwinnett County Police said the investigation has been closed on a July 15 road rage incident. The search for a man who allegedly attacked motorists who displayed a ďgay prideĒ sticker on their car was centered in White County because the suspect vehicle displayed a local tag. The car was registered to a White County woman.

Dustin Hoose, 23, and Chasen Mote, 28, said they were traveling on Interstate 985 near the Hall/Gwinnett line when a man driving a car threw a tire iron at their vehicle.

Huggins said his department prepared a lineup of suspects for the victims to identify, but the victims have changed their phone number and will not respond to investigatorsí attempts to contact them.

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MAN Sentenced in 'Road Rage' Stabbing - Missourian Publishing, MO
A Franklin County man has drawn a 20-year prison term for knifing another man during a fight almost two years ago. 
Lloyd G. Williams, 49, Villa Ridge, was sentenced Monday by Judge Robert Schollmeyer, Osage County, to 
20 years each for first-degree assault and 
armed criminal action. The judge ordered the terms to be served concurrently.

Williams faced a maximum sentence of 30 years or life in prison on the assault charge, plus three years to life in prison on the armed criminal action charge.

Prosecuting Attorney Bob Parks said his office recommended a 15-year sentence on the assault charge and dropping the ACA charge.

Parks said Williams has 10 days to file a notice of appeal in the criminal case.

Williams was found guilty July 30 of stabbing Michael Kalchbrenner, Columbia, during an altercation at a truck stop/service station near the Highway 100/Route AT intersection Oct. 4, 2001. The victim was seriously injured but survived.

A six-man, six-woman jury deliberated an hour and 45 minutes Wednesday before finding Williams guilty of the charges.

Williams maintained that he acted in self-defense when he stabbed Kalchbrenner with a folding knife.

According to testimony at the trial, the altercation and stabbing stemmed from a "road rage" incident.

Williams had been in a car following a vehicle in which Kalchbrenner was riding early the morning of Oct. 4, 2001. The defendant followed the other car to the truck stop and confronted two male passengers after someone in the vehicle allegedly threw one or multiple beer cans out of a window, according to Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Scott Fulford, who handled the state's case at trial.

After Kalchbrenner was stabbed, the other man, Steve Terry, Villa Ridge, punched Williams and severely beat him, according to reports. Terry was charged with second-degree assault and later pleaded guilty to the charge. He was given a suspended imposition of sentence and placed on five years' probation.

It's the second time Williams has been sentenced to prison for stabbing someone during a "road rage" incident.

He was 26 years old when he drew a two-year prison sentence for second-degree assault in the near-fatal stabbing July 29, 1979, of Garry Haberberger, Washington, who was injured during a scuffle at Fifth and Cedar streets in Washington following a minor traffic mishap.

Haberberger suffered multiple stab wounds in the altercation, including one which penetrated the wall of his heart. Authorities said Haberberger would've died at the scene if a passing motorist had not picked him up and transported him to the hospital emergency room.

The case was transferred from Franklin County on a change of venue. In May 1980, a Gasconade County jury found Williams guilty of the lesser offense of second-degree assault in the stabbing of Haberberger. He had been charged with first-degree assault.

CRM Williams Sentenced
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SANTA Rosa man gets 11 years in prison road rage death 

A Santa Rosa man has been sentenced to eleven years in prison for his part in the road-rage death of another motorist.

Sonoma County Superior Court Judge Robert Dale called 22-year-old Christopher Cairati (ka-RAH' tee) a time bomb and a danger to society yesterday as he handed down the sentence.

Cairati pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter in the February death of Kenneth Hanson of Santa Rosa.

Cairati jumped into the bed of Hanson's pickup truck and attacked him with a shovel after Hanson cut in front of Cairati's car in traffic. Hanson died when he swerved into oncoming traffic and slammed head-on into another vehicle.

Two people in the other vehicle were hurt in the crash.

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DAD dies after arrest for road rage argument

A DAD-OF-THREE has died of a heart attack after being arrested by police investigating a road rage bust-up.

Kevin Ingram collapsed in a police van and was transferred to Mayday University Hospital, in Thornton Heath, where he died just minutes after arriving on Sunday.

Now three separate police investigation teams are looking into the sequence of events which led to the 40-year-old's death.

The drama began after officers were called to deal with a scuffle in South Norwood shortly after 9pm when Mr Ingram's Jaguar collided with a Rover.

A New Scotland Yard spokesman said: "It appears that two men and a woman were involved in a fight which started after words were exchanged between the occupants of two cars at the junction of High Street and Portland Road. When the police arrived, one of the men and a woman were arrested.

"While being transported to South Norwood police station, the man collapsed in the back of the police van.

"He was taken directly to Mayday University Hospital where he was pronounced dead shortly after his arrival."

The arrested woman, who police have not named, has been bailed to return to South Norwood police station pending further inquiries.

Flowers have been left at the scene where Mr Ingram was arrested.

A message taped to a post from his wife Ann and family said: "It wasn't your time. You should still be with your family. It's a shame you couldn't see your son's first birthday and watch your girls grow up."

Flatmates at Mr Ingram's home in Sydenham Road, Croydon, said he was a sociable and generous man who worked for a building firm in the Selhurst area.

A popular drinker in the nearby Selhurst Arms and Fisherman's Arms pubs, Mr Ingram had suffered a suspected heart attack only about eight months ago, they said.

Pearl Bamford, one of the bar staff at the Selhurst Arms in Selhurst Road, said: "Kevin was a really nice guy and played for our darts team.

"One of his workmates came in on Monday morning to tell us what had happened, and it was a real shock."

She said a reception may be held in the pub in Mr Ingram's memory.

An inquest into his death was opened and adjourned at Croydon Coroner's Court on Wednesday.

Det Insp Shaun Keep, from the Police Complaints Authority, said: "Mr Ingram was put in a police van.

"While in the vehicle, he became ill and the police crew decided to divert to Mayday. They phoned ahead to alert hospital staff."

The police van arrived minutes later at the hospital but Mr Ingram was pronounced dead about 10 minutes later, the court was told. Pathologist Robert Chapman gave the cause of death as coronary heart disease.

Having carried out a post-mortem at Croydon mortuary on Monday, he said Mr Ingram's diabetes may also have been a contributory factor.

Inquiries into the original road rage incident are being carried out by Croydon Police.

The force's Directorate of Professional Standards has been informed and, as a matter of course, will carry out inquiries into the circumstances surrounding Mr Ingram's death as he was in police custody.

The investigation has also been voluntarily referred for supervision by the independent Police Complaints Authority. Anyone with information about the incident is asked to call investigating officers on 020 8785 8733 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.

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ROAD rage killer could go free

Kenneth Noye could be freed in six months if he succeeds in getting his murder conviction reduced to manslaughter.


His appeal, based on new forensic evidence, will be presented to the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC).

His lawyer has said he is optimistic that his conviction will be changed to manslaughter.

The 55-year-old was jailed for life for killing Stephen Cameron on the M25 in Kent in 1996, during a row on a motorway slip road.

After he killed the 21-year-old electrician, he left the scene in Swanley and fled to Spain.

He was eventually tracked down, extradited in 1998 and later jailed.

Noye is currently being held at the high security unit at HMP Whitemoor in Cambridgeshire.

In April, his solicitors added they hoped the CCRC would refer the case back to the Court of Appeal if research confirmed the "factual and physical" cause of Mr Cameron's death being "somewhat different" to those heard at the trial.

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MAN charged in road rage incident

A Virginia man faces charges of attempted homicide after an apparent road rage shooting on the Pennsylvania Turnpike in Donegal Township.

State police at Somerset allege Andre Jarrad Waller, 23, of Charlottesville, fired multiple shots at another car as he passed it.

According to a criminal complaint, the two victims were traveling eastbound near milepost 94 at 6:35 p.m. Sept. 17, when the car behind them attempted to pass but couldn't because of heavy traffic in the left-hand lane.

When traffic thinned out, Waller allegedly passed them, firing his weapon and hitting the car at least once. As the man sped away, the victims saw him throw something out the window.

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BAIL lowered by 90% for suspect in road-rage killing

Bail for a 21-year-old man accused of fatally stabbing a Garland man, an attack that was recorded on a 911 call, was reduced Friday from $1 million to $100,000.

If released on bail, Jeromy Jolley must live with his grandmother in Saginaw, wear an electronic monitor and leave home only for work or church, Judge Wayne Salvant ruled during a bond reduction hearing.

Jolley is accused of stabbing Juan Gallegos, a 32-year-old construction worker, after an Aug. 1 traffic accident on Loop 820. Gallegos' body was found in a cafeteria parking lot at Northeast Loop 820 and North Beach Street in northeast Fort Worth.

Salvant said that he did not want an oppressively high bail, but that he did not want to lower it to $50,000, as defense attorney Gwinda Burns requested.

He said he made his decision based on evidence presented at the hearing and "the seriousness, the randomness of this act, the viciousness of this act."

Prosecutor Steven Jumes, who had requested that Jolley's bail not be lowered below $500,000, showed the judge crime scene photos of Gallegos' body and played a tape of a 911 call placed by Gallegos, which recorded the slaying.

Homicide Detective Sarah Jane Waters testified that several witnesses identified Jolley's voice as the one heard on the tape accusing Gallegos of "brake-checking" him just before the attack.

She said that Gallegos suffered 11 stab wounds in his left side and that six witnesses have told her they fear for their safety if Jolley is released.

Jumes said that Jolley was arrested Aug. 27 in Selden, near Stephenville, and that he is considered a flight risk.

Jolley, dressed in a tan jail-issue jumpsuit, said that neither he nor his friends have threatened anyone.

He said that he and his family could not afford the $1 million bail and that he would abide by any restrictions the judge imposes.

Jolley, the son of a former Tarrant County sheriff's deputy, acknowledged that he was sentenced in May to three years' probation in Louisiana for conspiracy to possess marijuana. His probation was transferred to Texas, he said.

Jolley's grandmother and mother testified that if he is released from jail, they would do their best to make sure he attended all court proceedings.

After the hearing, Burns said she doubts that Jolley's family can raise the bail money. His family declined to comment.

The victim's wife, Tonya Gallegos, attended the hearing and said afterward that she will live in fear if Jolley is released.

"I've had to move. I don't feel comfortable at home anymore. I have to deal with my children. My daughter cries all the time that she wants her father. All I can do is hand her a photo of him," she said.

Original Article Found Here:

ONLY in Miami: Road rage and mayhem merge beautifully

It was just what you would expect, really, in downtown Miami when the traffic is heavy. Tempers. Road rage.


Accidents. Coarse language. Drivers chasing one another.


That's during normal rush hour, when your biggest concern is weaving SUVs driven by gun-packing businessmen and honking minivans steered by middle-finger waving soccer moms dueling to see who can blast under the yellow light first.


This was not normal rush hour, however. Not even for Miami. Not Sunday afternoon alongside Biscayne Boulevard and the Bay downtown.


This was rush hour on speed.


Between concrete walls.


With 19 guys in cars capable of 240 mph.

And all of those machines funneled into a narrow 1.2-mile track.


With 13 sharp turns.


Not to use technical, gearhead jargon or anything, but there is an official name for this type of racing. It is:



Mario Dominguez from Mexico City didn't so much win Sunday's CART Champ Car Grand Prix Americas as he did survive the attrition, escape the mayhem.

''It feels amazing I tell you,'' said Dominguez. ``It's just unbelievable.''


Not sure if he meant winning, or crossing under the checkered flag having not banged a wall or spun out or at least been panhandled by a bum.

Have we mentioned the race was contested in the middle of Hades?


At least that's how it felt as our Chamber of Commerce sun blistered in and turned the track hotter than the Florida Marlins.


''My face literally felt like it was burning,'' said driver Ryan Hunter-Reay of Boca Raton, one of nine entries not to finish. ``I don't think I have ever been so hot in my life.''


Narrow tracks can sometimes render CART races surprisingly uneventful, because conditions make passing extremely difficult.


Uneventful was not a word for Sunday.


Only six cars were chasing Dominguez on the lead lap at the end. Had many more of these exotic beasts been knocked from the race, the winner, by default, would have been the pace car.


Horsepower and testosterone made a chaos cocktail all afternoon. The race was shaken, and stirred. And fast.


The drama began within seconds.


Pole-sitter Adrian Fernandez lost his lead right off the line but got it back dramatically at Turn 1 with a kamikaze dive inside of a shocked Bruno Junqueira, who played the field mouse to Fernandez's swooping, taloned hawk.


It wasn't long before Rodolfo Lavin was black-flagged and penalized for blocking, which happens when stubborn drivers (or those with a death wish) do not accommodate the monsters growing fast in their rear-view mirror.


The real fun started on Lap 69 when series rookie Sebastien Bourdais, who lives in Key Biscayne, and series points leader Paul Tracy played bumper cars and spun, ending the day for both. Bourdais had passed Tracy, who retaliated and pinched Bourdais from behind, tossing the Frenchman into a tire wall.

Bourdais stormed after Tracy, bursting past race officials and over a concrete wall into Tracy's pit, where only the fortuitous absence of Tracy prevented a certain confrontation.


''He made a pass at me, and I was just trying to get it back,'' explained Tracy later. ``It was my fault.''

Bourdais remained irate well after the race. ''It was a really stupid thing to happen,'' he said.


Another mishap cost Fernandez the race. On Lap 93, he was rear-ended by Junqueira and pushed into Roberto Moreno, who had slipped aside to let the faster cars pass. Fernandez, who finished eighth, sat in his spun-around car in the shadow of the Intercontinental Hotel, slamming a fist on his steering wheel.


''It was my mistake,'' admitted Junqueira.


''Just a bad mistake on Bruno's part,'' agreed Fernandez.


Tempers were not finished flaring.


Alex Tagliani was erased from the race on Lap 101 when Alex Sperafico, a rookie, dove into him. ''This is very difficult to accept,'' Tagliani said. ``This is unacceptable for guys to destroy the race of guys on the lead leap.''


The chaos even spilled off the track, into a collision on pit row for which Michel Jourdain was sent to the back of the field, costing him the lead.


At the end, the winner stood atop the postrace podium like a tree that survived a forest fire.


Dominguez, 27, is fluent in Spanish and English and also speaks some French and Italian, so he can say, ''Whew!'' in several languages.


Despite Sunday's calamities -- or perhaps because of them -- major-league street racing reaffirmed itself as an asset for Miami, perfect for a place trying to be ''The Magic City'' again. Miami and open-wheel racing fit each other. Its return last year after a seven-year absence marked a political victory and image enhancement for a city without enough of those.


The 150 countries fed Sunday's telecast saw not only cars that sound like thunder and move like lightning, but also a backdrop that makes this street race so colorful, nearly surreal. Over there, the cars were blasting alongside a cruise ship as yachts and sailboats bobbed on the bay. Over here, the machines were biting hard on sharp turns beneath the Freedom Tower.


The tempers inside Sunday's race flared and will fade.


The postcard pictures and sonic boom of this weekend will last longer.

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DRIVERS Wanted in Road Rage Incident
Two men involved in a violent incident of suspected road rage are being sought in 

Henry County.
Local police obtained arrest warrants last Friday for 33-year-old Craig William Acuna, of Stockbridge,
Ga., and 23-year-old Nicholas Philip Teague, 
of Kennesaw, Ga., on charges of aggressive driving and aggravated assault, respectively.
Police said both men took part in an episode of reckless driving that began on southbound I-75,
near the I-675 merge, on Sunday, Sept. 21. Acuna 
allegedly drove a Ford Mustang, while Teague was behind the wheel of a Chevy S-10 Blazer.
While engaging in "reckless maneuvers which were aimed at each other," Teague fired a .45-caliber
pistol from his Blazer at the Mustang, police said. 
At least one bullet struck the Mustang's front passenger door and became lodged in the glove
box door, police said.
Anyone with information about Acuna and Teague's whereabouts is asked to contact police
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ROAD-RAGE suspect free as cops investigate
Independent Online, South Africa

A 59-year-old man appeared in the Randburg magistrate's court on Tuesday in connection with a murder and attempted murder alleged to have come out of a road-rage incident, Johannesburg police said.

On Monday the man, who was driving a Mercedes Benz, allegedly shot dead a taxi driver and wounded a passenger in Fourways, Sandton, on Monday.

Sergeant Sanku Tsunke said the man was not named because a senior prosecutor had ordered further investigation into the incident and did not place the case on the roll.

The Mercedes driver was released pending investigation.

Tsunke said it was alleged he and taxi driver William Phetelo Mphegoane, 45, stopped their vehicles on the road and had an argument.

A scuffle ensued during which the Mercedes Benz driver produced a firearm and fired several shots at Mphogoane and the passenger.

He was shot in the chest and head and died at the scene.

The passenger was shot in the abdomen and had been admitted to a local hospital in a stable condition.

The Mercedes Benz driver later handed himself to the police, claiming Mphegoane and the passenger tried to hijack him. - said. - Sapa

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ROAD rage in Washington County
WASHINGTON COUNTY, MD SEPTEMBER 30  -A Washington County man is being
charged with assault and wreckless endangerment after a road rage
incident in Hagerstown.
Police say 41-year-old Richard Jones of Cavetown, Maryland was driving his Chevrolet van
Northbound on Route 66 behind a Honda Civic. 
Witnesses say Jones started the road rage by flashing his high beams and tailgating the Civic,
and at one point, Jones tried to run them off the road. 
The victims say Jones pointed a handgun at them when they approached him at Route 66 and 

Mount Aetna Road.
Police found a loaded pistol in Jones car when they pulled him over. Investigators say Jones
is being charged with first and second degree assault, reckless endangerment along with
several traffic violations.
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TWO for court over road rage claim
Glasgow Evening Times, UK



A COUPLE are due to appear in court in connection with an alleged road rage incident.
They were arrested by police after a bus driver had to have pins inserted in a broken leg after he was allegedly assaulted during an incident in
Paisley Road, Renfrew, last Thursday.
Earlier the 29-year-old driver is said to have had an argument with a motorist whose car had blocked a road.
It's claimed the bus driver was later assaulted in front of passengers and needed emergency surgery at the
Royal Alexandra Hospital in Paisley.
Police say that a 29-year-old man and a 20-year-old woman have been arrested and are expected to appear at
Paisley Sheriff Court
within the next two days.

A COUPLE are due to appear in court in connection with an alleged road rage incident.
They were arrested by police after a bus driver had to have pins inserted in a broken leg after he was allegedly assaulted during an incident in
Paisley Road, Renfrew, last Thursday.
Earlier the 29-year-old driver is said to have had an argument with a motorist whose car had blocked a road.
It's claimed the bus driver was later assaulted in front of passengers and needed emergency surgery at the
Royal Alexandra Hospital in Paisley.
Police say that a 29-year-old man and a 20-year-old woman have been arrested and are expected to appear at
Paisley Sheriff Court
within the next two days.

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MAN Beaten With Baseball Bat In Road Rage Attack, FL

LAKE COUNTY, Fla. -- A road rage attack in Lake County put a 40-year-old man in the hospital Tuesday night.

Michael Cruz says three men attacked him at State Road 44 and County Road 42 at the Volusia County line around 5:00 pm Tuesday. Cruz says he pulled over because a car was tailgating him.

The men got out the car and one of the men beat him with a baseball bat. Another punched him and kicked him.

Police are still looking for the men. They were in a light blue, four door, Dodge Dynasty.
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ROAD-RAGE driver opens fire on N2
Cape Argus, Africa

A Cape Town driver and his passenger were apparently shot at by another motorist who had two children in his car, after they flicked their lights for the slower car to pull over.

Musician Kwezi Kobs, the husband of jasize="3 singer Mama Kaap, was rushing his passenger, bassist Spencer Mbadu to the Green Dolphin at the V&A Waterfront for an appearance last Friday in his red BMW 325i when things turned dangerous.

They had left Gugulethu and were on the N2 at the Athlone turn-off at
when Kobs flicked his lights at a slower car and then began to pass it.

As they passed the grey Mercedes-Benz 350 Mbadu yelled that the driver was pulling out a gun.

Kobs, though alarmed, continued driving and within a few seconds heard a gunshot.

He reported the incident to the Athlone police the following morning.

Inspector Desmond Williams of the Athlone police, believes the bullet hole was caused by a 9mm pistol.

Kobs said the bullet caused an estimated R3 200 worth of damage.
He said he normally would have hooted or slowed down and questioned the driver
about irregular behaviour on the road but he "just couldn't believe" what the man had done.
The driver of the Mercedes, described by the police as having a dark complexion and
a bald head, was also transporting two young boys, approximately five and seven years old.
Mbadu was unable to accurately record the licence plate as it was hand written.
The Mercedes-Benz is believed to be a local car and police believe road rage
was the cause of the man's actions.
If anyone has additional information regarding the incident, please contact
Williams at 021 697 1120. 
Original Article Found Here: 

POLICE seek witness to N2 road rage shooting
Cape Times, Africa

Police investigating a case of road rage have appealed for witnesses to contact them after a motorist and his passenger - a top local musician - were shot at on the N2 last week.

Musicians Kwezi Kobs and his friend, Spencer Mbadu, had a narrow escape when the driver of a car they had overtaken fired a shot at them.

Kobs said the incident happened on the N2 near Athlone shortly after
on Friday as they were on their way from Gugulethu to the V&A Waterfront. As they travelled, he flashed his lights at a slower-moving vehicle in front of them.
Moments after he passed the car, a shot rang out, he said.

"We were on our way to the Green Dolphin. There were a lot of cars on the road. Close to the Athlone off-ramp a man in an old grey Mercedes was driving slowly, far in front of me. I flashed my lights for him to move over. As we passed, my friend saw the driver pulling out a gun. Moments later we heard this loud bang," said Kobs.

He said they could not make out the car's registration. 
He continued driving and it was only later that he saw a bullet hole in a fender. 
Investigating officer Desmond Williams said the driver of the Mercedes was
reportedly bald, dark of complexion and had two young boys in the car.
Williams believed there were many witnesses to the incident. He appealed for
them to contact him on 021 697 1120.
"This the first time anything like this has happened to me," Kobs said.
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DOMESTIC Dispute Turns to Road Rage

Wichita Falls Police are looking for a man who allegedly ran his girlfriend off the road.

It happened on the 2900 block of
Seymour Highway around 6a.m. Wednesday morning.

The man allegedly plowed into the woman's car sending her crashing into the fence of the Salvation Army. Police say the man then jumped on the woman's hood and smashed out her windshield.

She was treated at the scene for minor cuts.

The man fled the scene.

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FAMILY mourn 'caring' man who died after road rage fight
South London Press, UK

GRIEVING relatives have spoken of the "caring and generous" husband and father who died after being arrested over a road rage argument last week.

Forty-year-old Kevin Ingram collapsed in the back of a police van after being arrested and died just minutes later in Mayday University Hospital.

Although he had suffered cuts and bruises after an angry scuffle with another motorist during the incident in South Norwood on Sunday September 21, a pathologist later concluded his death was due to coronary heart disease.

This week his family are still trying to come to terms with the sad chapter of events.

His second wife Ann, of Hambrook Road, South Norwood, said: "I was hysterical and in total disbelief when police told me Kevin had died.

"I knew he suffered from heart problems - the day I came out of Mayday with our new baby boy last October, Kevin was admitted there with cardiac problems.

"He was so proud to have a baby son - it's so sad Kevin did not live to see his first birthday."

Mr Ingram, who has five children from three different relationships, had worked as a locksmith but had been signed off work for some time with depression, according to his wife.

His eldest daughter Leanne, 19, told the Advertiser: "My dad was a caring and generous person who always looked after his family.

"When my mum phoned us to say what had happened to him, she was screaming and crying 'he is gone, he is dead.'

"I just put the phone down and crumbled in tears."

One of Mr Ingram's best friends Steve Marlow, a 45-year-old builder of Cavendish Road, West Croydon, said: "Kevin was everyone's friend and was one of the nicest people you could meet.

"He was not an aggressive person at all."

He knew Mr Ingram ever since they both attended Haling Manor High School in Thornton Heath.

Mr Marlow added: "We all knew Kevin had a heart condition and was also a diabetic.

"There has been so much speculation going around over exactly what happened."

He said dozens of guests attended a surprise 40th birthday party in Mr Ingram's honour in July at Applegarth Social Club in Thornton Heath. "The whole thing has been a huge shock for everyone," added Mr Marlow.

A spokesman for the Police Complaints Authority conveyed his sympathies to the Ingram family.

He said the police investigation into the incident should take several months.

* A woman was arrested at the scene of last week's incident and has been bailed to return to Croydon Police Station on November 10.

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ROAD rage leads to jail, Australia

A MAN who deliberately ran down party-goers after his car was hit by one of the revellers as he drove past a Brisbane house was jailed for three years today.

But John Vernon Sellick will be released before Christmas this year after spending 10 months on remand awaiting his sentencing.peBrisbane District Court Judge Tony Healy suspended the three-year jail term after one year, giving Sellick only two months to serve despite badly breaking a 40-year-old woman's leg.

He pleaded guilty today to dangerous driving causing grievous bodily harm and assault causing bodily harm after hitting two people on the road on December 14 last year.

The court heard a crowd had gathered on Peter Street at Strathpine in Brisbane's north after a neighbour confronted the hosts of the party over the noise.

Sellick was on his way home when his car was hit by one of the party-goers so he stopped, reversed and drove forward.

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BRING your road rage to county meeting
St. Petersburg Times, FL

This year, Citrus County will begin forming its transportation plan for the next 25 years. As part of the process, planners will take into account employment and population projections as well as input from residents.

At three meetings later this month, residents can voice their concerns to representatives from Citrus County and Dyer, Riddle, Mills & Precourt Inc., the county's contractor for the plan.

Planners will take into account current traffic and congestion problems when creating the 25-year plan.

"We're looking to get public reaction to transportation concerns in the county," said Greg Kern, the project manager with the company. At the public meetings, they will be looking for information about problems such as dangerous intersections and congested roads, along with any other transportation problems such as the availability of walking and biking lanes.

However, the plan will deal only with county roads. The Florida Department of Transportation draws up plans for state roads, including any possible Citrus extension of the Suncoast Parkway.

The county's plan will mesh with the FDOT's plan as well as Turnpike Enterprise's plans for the Suncoast Parkway. Kern said they will draw up alternative models in the event that the Suncoast Parkway does not come to Citrus County.

With an eye toward releasing the final 25-year plan in spring 2004, Kern said they will hold future meetings, as they continue through the planning stages.

Here is the meeting schedule:

From 5 to 7 p.m. Oct. 21 at the National Guard Armory, 8551 W Venable St., Crystal River.

From 6 to 8 p.m. Oct. 22 at the Lecanto Government Building, 3600 W Sovereign Path.

From 5 to 7 p.m. Oct. 23 at the Citrus County Auditorium, U.S. 41 S at the airport, Inverness.

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WAYS to quell road rage while stuck in Downtown Tunnel traffic
Virginian Pilot, VA

Bless me VDOT, for I am tempted to sin. Itís been six years since my last bout of road rage. I learned my lesson after the driver of a white Toyota Celica threw stones at my Jetta Fox sometime after midnight on a Thursday night a few years back.

I am a second-generation road rager. My father is a quiet man. But if slighted while behind the wheel, the industrious Filipino with a generous spirit will demonstrate his power of non-verbal persuasion and persistence. My dad will follow the transgressor to his destination until the other driver shows some sign of being intimidated Ė a confused double-glance in the rearview or a horrified look into the driver-side mirror as he asks himself, ''Was that the same car from four miles and three turns ago?''

Vindicated, my dad u-turns, hat tilted, with a smile on his face and a point on his driving record in The Sky.

I thought I had recovered from this textbook ''passive-aggressiveíí driving role model over the past few years. But the Downtown Tunnel commuting entanglement that has come as a by-product of Hurricane Isabel has me creating facial expressions that only Aaah-nuld could make with an assortment of Play-Doh (or during an unscripted public debate).

If youíre one of the 35,000 former Midtown Tunnel-ites, then YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN. I grew up as a Lynnhaven Parkway/44 westbound kind of girl. But after my spring wedding, I committed myself to a 15-minute gritty breeze of a commute through the Midtown Tunnel from Portsmouth to Norfolk. Until Isabel. Until the flooding. Until the heroism of the guys who risked their lives and their work vehicle to save the Midtown.

Mother Natureís wrath has changed my driverís world view. Before I sleep, I edgily plan my morning commute: visualizing the Downtown Tunnel traffic-free, or imagining forward movement on my way to work. Happy thoughts. Happy thoughts.

I donít think of a Berkley Bridge lift.

I donít think of people who can stroll to work.

I donít think of the sunglassed woman in the SUV honking and honking at me because I didnít know the Court Street entrance has only one lane.

And I surely donít think of, after finally escaping the Downtown Funnel like a persistent and lucky sperm on its final stretch to a primed egg, having to muster a grande-sized level of aggression just to switch lanes to avoid the Beach-bound traffic.

Donít get me wrong. Iíve driven in Northern Virginia and L.A. Iíve rollerbladed through the streets of Manhattan. Iíve taken several taxi rides without air-conditioning in Metro Manila. Iíve experienced traffic.

I know that it smells like exhaust and exhaustion. I know itís bipolar. And depending on the city, traffic calls for different protocols (i.e., polite and assertive NoVa) and can offer culturally telling obstacles (i.e., vehicle traffic coming to a crawl for an old man on a bike balancing a basket of goods on one shoulder).

And the older I get, (sitting in traffic, of course) the more I appreciate Michael Douglasí opening scene in the movie ďFalling Down,Ē in which he abandons his car in L.A. traffic.

But Iím crafting tricks that will make the time pass much more pleasantly:

Wear more comfortable underwear. Nothing pretty or frilly. The bigger and more fitted - the better.

Try protein and calm-inducing snacks. Almonds, cashews, peanut butter. Large amounts of sugar (i.e., a chocolate croissant from Sweet Temptations) could be like adding oxygen or gasoline to a fire.

And tote a large drink. Treat yourself to something tasty and that requires sipping. Boil yourself something to savor, because savoring a flavor can keep you at ease for about 30 minutes. But make sure you use the restroom before you leave the house.

Bring back-up tunes. You can listen to NPR for only so long before the news loops or you hear your own traffic reports - again.

Stretch. Everybody can enjoy the fruits of isometric stomach exercises, s-lóoów neck rolls, ankle rolls and, for women, The Kegel. Donít forget to breathe deeply; that, too, feels good.

Look nice. TV news is so sly and timely. Itís inevitable for a Downtown Tunnel-ite to have her commute ďcaptured on tapeĒ or even, for the bold so early in the morn, to be interviewed by a reporter whoís placed herself or himself and a camera crew directly into the a.m. commuter pulse.

Tip: On avoiding the latter, avoid eye contact with the reporter. Cast your eyes way down to your gas pedal or pretend to be switching the radio station.

So for the next few weeks, as VDOT and city officials seek answers, propose solutions, placate taxpayers and await the fall of money trees, I plan to take the Elizabeth River ferry as often as possible.

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COP accused in road rage incident on I-95
Philadelphia Daily News, PA

A Philadelphia police officer has been accused of pulling out his gun and smashing a motorist's car following an alleged road-rage incident on Interstate 95.

The Police Internal Affairs unit is investigating the incident, which happened on I-95 near Academy Road at about 7:15 a.m. yesterday.

A motorist said he and another driver tried to cut each other off, and the other driver, who turned out to be an off-duty city officer, allegedly pulled him over, got out his gun and pointed it at him. He also pulled out his nightstick, according to broadcast reports.

"All we're saying right now is we did receive a complaint from a male that he was involved in a road-rage incident with an off-duty officer," said Cpl. Jim Pauley, a police spokesman.

The unidentified officer reportedly works in the 7th District. He had not been arrested or charged with a crime as of last night.

Pauley could not confirm reports that the officer brandished a gun and then broke a window in the man's car.

"Right now, we have one person stating that the officer committed an act of road rage. We would ask any witnesses to call Internal Affairs at 215-685-5056."

Original Article Found Here: 

Glasgow Daily Record, UK

RESIDENTS of a smart new street are up in arms after it was named Benny Hill Close.

Councillors decided it was the best way to honour the comedian in Eastleigh, Hampshire, where he used to live.

But the move has angered people in the street, where houses cost at least £126,000.

They have branded Hill, who died in 1992 at the age of 68, a ``smutty, sexist idiot''.

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OFFICER Accused of Road Rage
Philadelphia police are investigating one of their own. He's been accused
of brandishing his gun during a case of road rage, all while he was off duty.

A PA man was traveling southbound on I-95 near Academy. He says a van tried to cut him off. The man then did the same thing to the van. It turned out to be a Philadelphia officer in his personal car.

The officer allegedly pulled a gun on him and forced him to pull to the side of the roadway. The motorist says his window was bashed in.

The officer has not been charged with a crime. The motorist managed to get the tag number and called police.

Original Article Found Here: 

PIsize="3A delivery driver attacked in road-rage incident

EDINBURGH, United Kingdom ó Police are looking for a man they say assaulted a pisize="3a delivery driver with a hammer during a road-rage attack, according to the Edinburgh Evening News.

The driver suffered injuries to his arm and the van he was driving was damaged during the early morning attack Oct. 5.

The driver, who was not identified, said he first noticed the car behind him being driven erratically at about 4 a.m. He told police the car overtook his van and the two men inside began making obscene gestures at him.

At a traffic light, the passenger got out of the car and attacked the driver with what police described as a "double-headed hammer or axe," the newspaper reported.

Police called the attack unprovoked and said the victim was able to provide them with a partial license plate number.

Original Article Found Here: 

ROAD rage led to fight
Texas City Sun, TX

A man was reportedly assaulted with a machete after he got into an argument with another man over a driving incident.

Apparently, two men pulled into a parking lot in the 1100 block of
Fourth Avenue North around 10:30 p.m. Saturday and began to argue.

Witnesses told police one of the drivers accused the other driver, Humberto Hernandez, 25, of
Texas City resident, of running him off the road.

Police said when they arrived at the scene Hernandez was standing outside his car and bleeding from his face. Hernandez reportedly had lacerations on his face and head and a swollen eye.

Police got a description of the suspectís vehicle, a white Mercury Cougar, from witnesses.

Police reportedly found a car fitting that description at a residence.

The owner of the vehicle told police her boyfriend borrowed her car earlier that evening. Police could not find the boyfriend.

No charges have been made at this time regarding the incident.

Hernandez was taken to
Mainland Medical Center
for treatment.

The hospital did not release information on his condition.

Original Article Found Here: 

CHARGES pending in road rage incident
Parkersburg News, WV

BELPRE - A suspect has been interviewed and charges are pending in an alleged road rage incident that sent a Coolville man to the hospital Sunday evening, Belpre police said.

An argument that allegedly started between two motorists on the Memorial Bridge ended when James Scott Walraven, 27, was transported to Camden-Clark Memorial Hospital, where he was treated and released for minor injuries. Walraven was allegedly struck by a maroon Buick LeSabre, said J. R. Morris, Belpre police officer.

"A suspect in this case has been interviewed, but charges are still pending further investigation," Morris said Monday evening. " The man heard the police was looking for him and he came in voluntarily."

Police Chief Ira Walker said without charges filed, the name of the suspect will not be released. Walker said the case may have to go to the grand jury to determine if charges are to be filed.

Walraven's wife and children witnessed the LeSabre, driven by a young man with blond hair wearing an orange hat, hit Walraven with his car, flipping him into the air before falling to the pavement around 7 p.m., Morris said.

The incident apparently began on the bridge and continued onto Washington Boulevard, Morris said.

According to witnesses, the driver of the LeSabre followed Walraven's car from the bridge and into the parking lot of the Starfire Express gas station across from the Rite Aid pharmacy.

Morris said they have interviewed two witnesses who said Walraven got out of his car at the Starfire and walked beside the LeSabre. The driver drove across Walnut Street and into the parking lot of the Rite Aid.

"One very good witness said the two were in a minor argument as Walraven followed beside of the LeSabre," Morris said.

Walraven's wife, Shenandoah, said the LeSabre's driver sped off to the end of the parking lot at Rite Aid, turned the vehicle around and drove toward her husband and eventually struck him.

Morris said witnesses described it as a game of "chicken" in which neither the LeSabre's driver nor Walraven was going to give up.

"Walraven did eventually try to get out of the car's way, but witnesses said he moved too late," Morris said.

Shenandoah said neither she nor her husband knew the driver.

Morris said he was handed the license plate number of the LeSabre Sunday evening and officers were looking for its owner when he came in on his own.

Original Article Found Here: 

ROAD Rage Comes to Belpre

Police in Belpre are still trying to find out exactly what caused an early Sunday evening incident, which is being investigated as "road rage."

A possible suspect was interviewed, but no arrests have been made.

The latest on this strange incident, is tonight's top story.

The victim in the confrontation, Scott Wall-Raven, was treated and released from Camden-Clark Memorial hospital.

He was struck by a Buick, at the intersection of
Main Street and Washington Boulevard.

Police say just minutes later Wal-Raven and the suspect were involved in some kind of confrontation on the memorial toll bridge.

Jeff Morris, investigating officer, said, "The initial report we got is that the victim was behind the suspect when the initial road rage incident took place. Going off the toll bridge, the suspect got in front of the victim, and the suspect followed him down
Main Street."

What might have prevented more injuries was that the incident happened at nightfall, when traffic is lighter than it is earlier in the day.
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  • Statistics show that 250,000 people have died in traffic since 1990.
  • It is believed that two-thirds of these deaths are at least partially caused by aggressive driving, although only 218 were found to be a direct cause of angry drivers.
  • According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 66 percent of all annual traffic fatalities are caused by aggressive driving actions, such as passing on the right, running red lights and tailgating.
  • In addition to fatalities, there have been an estimated 20 million injuries.
  • Aggressive driving caused 12,610 injuries.
  • There has been a 51 percent increase in aggressive driving incidents since 1990.
  • Of these incidents, 37 percent involved the use of a firearm.
  • Twenty-eight percent involved other weapons.
  • Thirty-five percent involved the use of a car as a weapon.
  • Related to this increase in aggressive driving incidents may be the fact that the number of drivers on the road is increasing; as of 1990, 91 percent of people drove to work.
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